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    If you want to get in shape watch this

    I don’t think he was talking to you specifically?
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    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    I agree 100 percent with what others are saying. I may have a rather pessimistic view of females and I honestly can’t put this any other way but the majority are parasites. I mean they rely on multiple hosts to feel good and carry on with their lives. They require constant attention from...
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    What happens closed doors?

    Bro I have happiness ... I don’t think I could be anymore happy. I am approaching 40 and have watched 90 percent of my friends suffer through divorces, infidelity, most lost all their independence and financial security because of some females sudden realization they are no longer happy and...
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    What happens closed doors?

    I don’t argue with any females I’m dating or banging. If they attempt to bring up a topic or opinion they have that is opposite of mine I usually scoff at them and make fun of it. This usually gets then pretty angry and they end up going off the rails and at that point I make light of them...
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    Italian guy speaks about Italian girls

    I am Italian and have 6 male cousins. 4 of them are 35 and older and are still living at home. One is approaching 50... and will never move out. Honestly I do not blame them... you are not going to find any female in western society today that treats their sons better than an italian...
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    Hot POF Serial Dater with past STDS - Should I still bang?

    Never in a million years bro. I once had a hb9 rent a suite for us to fck.... when I arrived she was wearing knee highs and waving a pair of handcuffs.... I brought out the rubbers and was about to go to town. She says ugh... don’t wear those... I want to feel you. I said listen I don’t have...
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    Is it possible/healthy to lose 2.50 lbs a week by

    You will feel like crap, hold onto fat, lose all strength and screw your hormones up. 1300 calories will completely down regulate your metabolism. If your maintaining your weight on your current diet find out how Many calories that is... and then put yourself in a deficit of 200-300 calories...
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    What is good workout equip to buy for abs?

    Heavy compound lifts, farmers walks, zercher squats and holds. Then dial in your diet, slowly put yourself in a caloric deficit and watch those abs appear
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    HB9 48 year old just replied. Wants me to take the Briggs-Myers personality test

    I actually cringed when I saw hb9 at 48..... I don’t know if I have ever seen a 48 year old chick that didn’t drop below a 5 with no makeup or photoshop.
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    Stuck in dating purgatory

    I am 39 and honestly monitor my energy expenditure on any females. If I suddenly dread talking or hanging out with them I instantly drop them... if they ***** or whine... create any drama I drop them. I don’t have the time or patience for any female that is working me for some type of...
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    When She Reaches Back Out

    My point is why even respond then!!?? It’s usually an attention grab for these girls. They are bored, reach out.... guys respond and they ultimately never give the dude anything... the guy just serves their ego. If she texted hey I’m horny... I want to fck... and won’t respect you.. your...
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    When She Reaches Back Out

    I do this when I’m bored... and have nothing going on... I will reach out to a girl I have no interest in and sometimes pass the time until something more interesting comes along. If you got that text you should ignore it or be very short and say something like you need something. Don’t allow...
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    Over age 50. Get tested for levels

    Guru, great post! I was 680 total t at 38 years old but an shbg of 67... nearly zero free t for the receptors. 160mg a week for the last 25 weeks and my total t is now at 1200 on my trough days. I am stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been and it has completely changed my life! Get...
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    I got Hot Spanish Married Girl's #

    I’ve been down this road in the past and my only advice is figure out the worst case scenario and if you can live with it then do it!!! The last time I messed around with a married chick I was eating lunch with my CEO. I got a text saying “omg my husband found our messages and he left the...
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    "Friend" in fire in Southern California...Should i check..

    Wtf is going on!!??? Jesus Christ... just be a decent human and check in on your friend!!?? Not everything in the universe is about game.... i am waiting to see a post that says girl about to get mugged and gang raped in dark alley.... “ should I help”. “ is this alpha “
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    Drunk about to meet some girl

    When I lose interest in a girl I often respond with things like “ sorry for delay.. things are crazy at work”. It sets the stage for me to use that line again and again..... I usually will keep those girls in my phone and randomly reach out when I’m bored... only to vanish again. Do...
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    Brace yourselves (controversial)

    What I found with these housewives is in the end your ultimately the one being used. They are missing something in their relationship and will extract it from you.... every girl in a relationship fished for compliments and needed way too much of my attention. Almost everyone of them started...
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    Sex help: Losing erection too quickly

    Hahah!!! This is great! Wonder what ever happened to that dude
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    She's Married OR Looking to get Married?

    I refuse to screw around with married chicks. I made the mistake in the past and no matter what they say.. they will eventually want a branch swing. The one ended up intentionally letting her husband find her texts, raunchy pictures, etc.... she pretty much told me they were completely...
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    getting up at 530 overated

    I envy you people that can sleep until 8-9. No matter what time I go to bed I’m wide awake at 445-5. During the summe I was waking up at 3am to workout before work. That sucked!