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    Tell a joke...!!

    Here's a couple for your jokeless asses: When I asked her to the prom...She just looked at me, giggled and smiled. When I asked her to dance...She just looked at me, giggled and smiled. . When I asked her to kiss me...She just looked at me, giggled and smiled. When I asked her to make love to...
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    how am I suppose to act when

    you assf*ck. Why haven't you approached them you f*cking f*ck! Jesus H. Christ son!
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    Can any1 help me out with this HB8 junior chick !!!

    Don't be a flaming f*cking faggot and ask her out on a date and then do DJing a little more, get to know her a little more. PLus, if you're main goal or intention is to slam her, then it won't happen. You've got to adjust that, and also don't make her your primary target. There should...
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    The Don Jerk - Pragmatic (II/III)

    Gotcha man. Yeah, you can't exactly be a c*nt with women or very many people these days, and I've found that out the hard way. Its a rough, shameless, and dirty society and if you want to survive or at least succeed, you don't have to be like the rest of half-wit sheep including some that...
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    The Don Jerk - Pragmatic (II/III)

    so being pragmatic is good? AAAARRGHH, WHOSE THE MASTER YOU F*CKING FAIRIES!!
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    How to be a real PUA....My Last Post

    beautiful post you made man, I totally agree. And yes. I too am much much much better at PUs, and just the little things that help in being better at getting girls overall. What's funny is that I've always had that ability in me to get girls, it was just my mind and the way I lived my life...
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    Good times at an underwear / lingerie only party

    I'll smoke a blunt for ya.
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    What is your INTENT!

    alright, then for example..football. I want to play Quarterback next year for my team. Would that be a firm INTENTION to achieving that? or should I brainstorm a little more? are u a personal trainer now?
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    Life is a Game!

    good point, but about when you're on trial like Kobe?
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    Getting a boner in class.

    I know how you feel man, sort of. the other day we had to make a riddle(long ones) and share it with the class and I decided to make one that had sexual innuendos about my Jim Jones, but the answer was a key, I got quite some attention from the ladies, no joke, cuz I popped on as I was...
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    Need tips on procrastination and school

    You call me stupid eh? then you're calling every f*cker who posted their input on PROCRASTINATION, stupid. You're calling a guy who has a 3.5 GPA, used to have major procrastination and ADD problems, was on all kinds of bullsh*t medicine, and is fixing to graduate with honors soon, stupid...
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    Girl Screwed me over again what should i do?

    Cyber- chill the f*ck out if she ain't your gf, man. Now I want you to take a big deep f*cking breath, and then exhale, I'll do it with ya..........*exhales*..now don't worry about her man. She's just a girl, I'm sure there are plenty more girls that are waiting for your balls to blow them...
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    FIVE Fatal mistakes of the NERD (besides MEMBERS ONLY jackets)

    AARGH MATEY!! Thats what I tried to somewhat state on my first post. The geeks and nerds are probably more DJ only in the sense that they have goals, amibitions, and dreams that are THEIRS and not following what the f*ck is cool or in. A big part of being a Don Juan is doing what...
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    It's time!

    egg cactly
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    She did a half-as*ed invite to her reunion

    stop worrying about it so much man. Its up to you if you wanna go ultimately though.
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    FIVE Fatal mistakes of the NERD (besides MEMBERS ONLY jackets)

    Look man, I'm kind of going through some gay ass times(I'm going through rehab from my back surgery) and I've been taking a lot of medicine lately and I've been quite irrate and sh*t, maybe I need some sleep. But it pisses me off when people go around and call metal noise and bullsh*t, when...
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    I'm not flaming this guy. and I see how my first post on this thread was a little mis written and so it was mis understood. I wasn't flaming him. All I was saying is that it doesn't matter how many women he has. If he thinks these girls looks is what makes him oh so mighty and powerful over...
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    High School MLTRs

    Hey it's your life and time, not mines or anyone elses. I don't see what point you're trying to get across.
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    FIVE Fatal mistakes of the NERD (besides MEMBERS ONLY jackets)

    real musical taste like hearing some faggot c*nt talking about sh*t he supposedly did on the streets over a computer? I f*cking dare you to to play some Pantera sh*t on a guitar, your feeble and worthless mind isn't developed enough to do such a thing. It's noise to the ignorant, but it's a...