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    Is it "sexist" for a chunky NFL cheerleader to be booted off the squad?

    Only half the cheerleaders are allowed to go to the Super Bowl, and she isn't one of them. Sorry, sista. Hit the bricks.
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    Unsure about situation with shy girl after first date

    To BeginningDJ and Harry, I respect both of you very much and see both points you've made. Harry seems to be closest to my opinion on this one, and I just don't see the downside to calling this gal again. We can try to generalize how women think (and react), but it is just speculation until you...
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    Unsure about situation with shy girl after first date

    Well, or like the OP said, she is SHY. You gotta cut her some slack here and not automatically assume the worst. She may have checked her phone a thousand times looking for a response from Blackhole, and some women (especially shy ones) are waiting for the guy to make the moves. Considering...
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    cant be bothered anymore

    Ok, got ya. To be honest, I have absolutely no experience with this kind of dynamic (and I'm sure most of the posters here don't either). The universal advice is to always try and appeal to what you're looking for (i.e. use a certain type of bait to catch a certain kind of fish). You probably...
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    cant be bothered anymore

    Do you like men and women equally, or do you have a preference? (Or maybe the better question to ask is whether you prefer masculine or feminine?) The reason I ask is because the behavior associated with each of these is usually a bit different. Straight-edge rules. I think you might be a...
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    Unsure about situation with shy girl after first date

    I would contact her to say hello, and tell her what's going on. Others may disagree, but I don't see the need for games or special strategies at this point (based on what you have said). It seems natural that you would be the one to follow up with her, so no worries there in my opinion sir.
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    Do I call her out on this?

    That's an awesome attitude, man. You're too good of a person to put up with this drama... And you're too good of a person to be some gal's "Plan B." Good luck and stick to your guns.
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    Do I call her out on this?

    You're not going to get a single reply here from anyone that will recommend communicating with her. And they're right. Why in the world would you want to have any more drama with this woman? You said yourself that she is bad news and probably will never change. Closure with someone like this...
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    Blind Date - Advice?

    Be nice to this gal. If she happens to step on a landmine one day, you might be able to check one thing off the list.
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    Ideas for $hit test and POLICE COME

    The OP has never had the chance to respond. They won't let him use the internet in prison.
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    As far as "looks" and "success"..

    Ain't this the truth! I am a regular looking guy who decided to start dressing well, get more fit and tighten up my game about a year ago. Man, have I seen a huge difference with the way both women and men communicate with me. Just by showing some effort, you're propelling yourself up to the top...
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    random text from girl

    Let the dialogue begin. I'd text her back something like this: "REALLY badly??? Dare I ask what happened, LOL?" Let her reply and take it from there.
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    Online Forum? This forum is drowning in online posts..

    Why don't you educate me on the big point I'm missing here.
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    Women are epic perfectionists. Even Pitt doesn't do it.

    Scott, Hope you're doing well, bro. Don't get distracted by all the things you read on those random sites. Keep focusing on yourself and the things you love. I see great things in your future. Take care...
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    Online Forum? This forum is drowning in online posts..

    The question here is not whether online dating is growing in popularity... of course it is. The question is whether there should be a special section for it, and I believe there should be. Online dating has its own strategies and unique circumstances, which should be kept separate to avoid...
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    Quick Date Question - Time Sensitive

    Maybe wait until this evening. I think that's a reasonable time-frame, and something any normal person would do. There's even a chance she may respond before that, but who knows. I don't think you've done anything to look foolish or desperate... You've handled this very well.
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    need some cologne advice

    Go to your local store and sample some Nautica or Nautica Blue. It's gold in a bottle, baby.
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    i came pretty close to going to jail today

    Guys like this usually have buddies waiting in the wings. Rarely do they challenge you to a one-on-one unless they have sized you up and think they can take you. Punks like this don't care about fair fights. Or, like you said, maybe he was just drunk or high as a kite.
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    Quick Date Question - Time Sensitive

    Well, since today is Friday, I would shoot her a quick text like "Hey you... still in a running mood?" Then wait for her to respond. Period. If she never responds back, you never speak to her again. Women are sometimes in an awkward position where they like you, but have other things going on...