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    A Dilemma with an older woman.

    I need an outside perspective on my situation with an older woman. We have been in a LTR for over a year but it has been going nowhere. Some things happened early on that screwed up the relationship; I cheated on her and she found out, I caught her in a situation that very well could have been...
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    GTA 4, get a life?

    Video games are fun and all but when does it get to that point when you'd rather do something worthwhile with, your life that is in this physical real world? I haven't played video games for more than 4 hours in a week in over 2 years, but I did play GTA 3 san andres when I had a PS2. It was...
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    females say i am cute

    who am i to argue with that? whats a good way to play the cute angle?
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    carbs from honey

    i eat a lot of pb and honey sandwiches recently. will honey give me diabetes?
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    How to manage debt while working a full time job?

    In your opinions, experience, and knowledge... If you work a full time job which pays you by the hour, how should you limit your CREDIT spending in relation to your income and expenses? I think having at least 5 months expenses and credit payment immediately available is a good idea. But what...
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    how tight do you tie your shoes?

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    American Gangster

    good movie. denzel handles his business nicely.
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    United States Presidents

    Who was your favorite president, and why? Me? Benjamin Franklin. He discovered electricity, and he's on the 100 dollar bill. Not a coincidence.
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    all modern women are playerettes and narcissits.

    and i don't want to hear it's because of the afc's! i just think there is a 'market' for women who can afford more men then shoes. its just amazing how it has come to this.
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    can i get a female opinion on something?

    "When you (girl) go down on a man and his balls are really hairy, and you are sucking and kissing his balls, does the ballhair tickle your lips?" :cheer:
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    recommend any books on body language?

    any of you guys know a good book on body language, maybe with a focus on attraction?
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    whats DHV?

    i didn't read the game or wahtever
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    driving on cough syrup

    if you get pulled over with an open bottle of cough syrup in your bottleholder, can a cop arrest you for that?
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    Ummm, Query...

    Is there anything more to women than sex?
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    Sex is not a bargaining chip.

    Sex isn't something a woman gives a man, or a man gives a woman. Sex is a shared thing and any woman who tries to use it to bargain with you (or rather exploit you) should HAVE ANOTHER THING COMING.
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    alright guys, what would don juan do?

    This girl tells me she purposefully manipulates men by being nice and then mean to them (her words). how does don juan react to this?
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    she had a 3-sum, then wanted a relationship

    This girl I met a few weeks back tells me the other day she had a 3-sum with her best friend and this guy. We already had a sort of relationship going but when she told me this, it kind of made me see how our relationship was going. Total friend zone BS I'm pretty sure. I told her there are...
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    cheap hotels in vegas?

    For you guys who know the area, what's a cheap place to stay for a few nights? I don't care if they have a casino.
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    "Economic Compatibility" in relationships?

    I'm posting this in the MM forum to ask you guys with a bit of life experience, do you think having the same size pocketbook as the women you're seeing influences how well you two get along? Have you ever found it awkward to date a girl who is not in your tax bracket? And finally, how much do...
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    Mixed some rap tunes for yall

    I was bored so I threw this mix together. It's a few tunes out of my downloaded collection. http://www.sendspace.com/file/jwkaxm