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    Social proof

    What are some good ways to use social proof over social media?
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    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    I will second on the vasectomy. Best thing I ever did.
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    So I bought the home gym. What workout regime to use?

    Check out the body beast program. It will teach you the basics of body building with just dumbbells. I been using it for years with good results.
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    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    If a woman shows you intrest you must test her to determine if she is being real with you. A lot of women just want attention from men and nothing else. If she won't spend time with you in person you are being used, remove your attention from her. Keep your attention reserved for women who...
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    Shirtless selfies

    Thanks for the input
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    Shirtless selfies

    Alright I need Instagram advice. I am in my late 30s and very fit. Lean/muscular. I have abs and all that. I am proud on what I have accomplished physically by working out. I take shirtless selfies each month to track my progress. I am always torn on whether I should post one of these on...
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    Girl initiating texting but not meeting up?

    This is how you find out if women are real. Offer a meet up. Her response will tell you everything. If all you get are excuses you need to remove your attention from her. I don't block women unless they disrespect me but I definitely ignore them if all they want is attention
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    Vasectomy advice

    I had mine done 8 years ago. It was a very quick procedure. Had it done on a Friday afternoon and back to work in Monday. A little sore but nothing bad at all. They had me blow 20 loads then test. Wait a week then test a second time. Got an all clear letter the next week. Best decision...
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    What is a valuable man

    I've read often that to be attractive you need to be a valuable man or be able to offer value. I know what this means to me personally but I'm curious what some of you guys feel about this. What makes a man truly valuable?
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    When she calls you Bro

    Can you give some examples?
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    When she calls you Bro

    These are good. I did this with a chubby chick once when she called me bro...."you know what I call a women who calls me bro??? I don't
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    When she calls you Bro

    This is one of those things chicks do that bugs the **** out of me. Even when chicks I'm not interested in do it. What are some good smart ass responses?
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    Girl initiating texting but not meeting up?

    I had a similar situation. Girl was texting me up flirting but would never want to meet. I stopped reaching out and stopped following her snap and Instagram. She gets zero attention from me now. She still follows all of mine pretty closely. I'm nice and fun when I see her in person but I...
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    Would you keep a female friend, "just in case"

    I do keep some women as long distance acquaintances. It's nice to have women to bounce ideas off of. Nothing will ever happen there and really I wouldn't care if I lost them. I wouldn't tolerate that one sided behavior either. However I'm never just friends with women that are actually in...
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    Cardio And Muscle Loss? Real Chit Or Myth?

    I am big on fitness so this is just my own op. Cardio is good for you and should be part of any solid routine. I lift 5 days a week and run 3-4 miles two days a week. I am lean/muscular and my abs stay pretty visible all the time. I believe it's more about balance. Too much cardio and...
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    Giving women attention

    Attention is definitely the coin of girl land. Knowing how to properly use it seems to be key. I was curious of how everyone was handling it. It does seem if you put your attention at zero they loose intrest but I've also had issues with women being just about the attention and nothing else...
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    Giving women attention

    How much attention should you give a woman you are interested in vs a woman you are already having sex with. Obviously you don't want to be needy but what should the difference be?
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    Money/status vs taking risks

    I've heard it said that a man who takes risks and is adventurous can make up for lack of wealth and status but is this really the case. I'm interested in hearing other points of views and examples. What risks are attractive to women?
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    Friend-zoned, and nothing changed?

    I recently went through the same thing with a chick I know. I was interested in being more but she wasn't. I have since removed my attention. No follows, likes or effort to talk with her on my part. She has reached out numerous times but I keep it short if I respond at all. I am focusing on...
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    Hint hint

    I've found it better to just keep it focused on her. Keep it fun and sexual. She can take the kid to the sitter if she wants time with me. I don't do family time with some other dudes kids.