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    Guys who get jealous and such lol.

    You are doing something wrong. I have parents wanting to introduce their daughters to me. in a barber shop it is MAN territory. You ought to have the social skills to engage Dad on some topics.
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    Taking advantage of being single

    I have an uncle who is 73 and never married...Think about that...How much money did he save not having a wife and family? He just retired from banking and got the 3rd girlfriend I ever remember him introducing to the family. He too was social AND HAD PLENTY OF MALE FRIENDS. But he couldn't...
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    Is she a gold digger?

    Sign she IS: Does she treat you differently when/after you take her on expensive trips? Would you do expensive destinations if she wasn't coming along? Does she ask for certain expensive things when you are feeling horny? does she run out of money and ask you to help her out? Signs she...
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    Sleep for Professionals

    If you are "running night game" at 4am you have failed in the priorities department. That's like having a minimum wage job with a graveyard shift before you go to your real money earner. No woman worth spending time with is going to be out between midnight and 4 on a weeknight. Besides...
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    i'm an online SD and im lovin it :)

    Hey now I just show my ride and those ladies be flockin' to me......
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    Girls Night Out

    This is from the perspective of a committed live in relationship. You want your female partner to have good female friends who support her and can be a listening ear. It takes the load off of you. By the same token you need to fulfill her desire to go out and show off and feel desired...
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    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?

    What should the sexually inexperienced guy say who obviously can't joke his way out of this question say? I think that is the kind of guy who a question like this would cripple... I like the "I don't Kiss and tell" for that one.
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    Coffee shop owner kicked me out for "2-3 employees complaining over last several months, making them uncomfortable"

    Apparently you aren't a good enough customer to tolerate. I manage female customer service reps and I've told customers to change their approach or don't come back. One was a wannabe PUA. Another was a Swan's rep who thought it was funny to sneak up behind one and startle her. Another was...
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    Date change - use takeaway?

    9 pm is "**** me date time" You are off the hook to buy dinner. Meet up with some guy friends at 6 pm and have her meet you at a bar for a couple quick drinks then back to your place within 1 hour. You should get laid...
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    Business owners, doing sht for free & understanding

    You can do things for free, but don't give away the Core Value. Remember once you give something free the client will Never want to pay for it. They will expect it free.
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    WTF? Goat Yoga

    here is a secret....the smell of the Buck Goat TOTALLY turns on women...GO grab a billy goat's beard before you hit the clubs. I guarantee EVERYBODY WILL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
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    You reward her in the compliment by relating the compliment to how it benefits you. "That Lingerie gives me a Rock Hard Johnson" "I love the way you...(fill in the blank with something specific she does)" " You are so good at making me feel(fill in the blank) when you (do something specific)"...
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    What is with this woman?

    Don't fault her for having options other than you... You should invite her to your home in the evening to share a dinner meal and drinks. I think you will know where you stand after that.
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    Question about touching

    These are good sentiments... I concur. As for touching in public view, treat her the way you would want a cool guy you respected would treat your sister. But be a sexual animal in private. If I had a daughter with a boyfriend who smacked her ass in front of me, he would get laid out...
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    Sadie Hawkins day is coming....

    February 29th (Leap Day) is often touted as the "day" when women can propose to their man. Have you considered your response if you were to have your LTR propose to you? Ever had it happen? What is your reaction if it did?