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    Recent Experience - Would love feedback/suggestions!

    Hey All, Went to a Meetup last week and met a bunch of dope people. One of the girls in particular stood out - cute, funny, sarcastic, and loads of sass. I invited her, and the entire group of people I met to go apple picking today. All, but myself and the girl I had eyes on were able to...
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    Not Your Friend

    Heyo, I've been going on Meetup events lately and met, and connected with some dope people. They're all around my age and there's this one girl I'm interested in. I joke around with her quite a bit, and while I've invited her out to go Apple Picking this Sat (she may or may not be able to...
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    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    Is rationally speaking, NOT a good decision for men. I'm nearing the end of The Rational Male and it finally sunk in that marriage truly only benefits women from a psychological, societal, and even legal standpoint. It's disturbing how men, including myself wanted to get married without...