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    **** ***** **** ***** and ****

    **** ***** **** ***** and ****, but then I **** ***** **** slut and ****, but she's a **** ***** **** ***** and ****, then I wanted to **** ***** **** ***** and ****. I'm not sure if **** ***** **** ***** and ****. Can anyone help me? The Gambler P.S. -- Does anyone else get...
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    My "Star Wars Open" was apparently a bad idea

    I work at a huge company with over 350 employees, and of course many employees come and go at a business that large. It is also worth noting that I'm 41 years old and happily married. I enjoy breaking the ice with both men and women there that I don't know... A great way to hone the chit-chat...
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    Lady Gaga has told you everything you need to know...

    Of course, The Gambler would enjoy a song titled "Poker Face." Now, don't get me wrong... I have little use for Lady Gaga. I couldn't care less if she fell from the top floor of a 30-story building, hitting her stupid head on each and every deck on the way down. Maybe a large pool of acid could...
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    The Worst AFC Songs of All-Time

    I'll get things started with this horrible classic... You're gonna cringe listening to the lyrics of this one... I proudly present to you "Build Me Up Buttercup" by The Foundations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTes4cTTjI4
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    "Just Be Yourself..." What the heck does that mean???

    If you have ever received advice on how to get a girlfriend from family, friends or any other leadership figure in your life, you have probably heard the phrase "Just be yourself." Well, what does that mean? First off, let me say that "Just be yourself" isn't bad advice, but you need to...