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    moving IN?! -A scary situation-

    Alright guys, I'm having to move out of my parents house extremely soon. I can't afford much, as I am a student and only work part time. The only place I've been able to find to live is with my girlfriend. It is a really good deal, but I have this fear of living with her. I'm the type of person...
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    A girl wants me to have a kink, I can't think of any large kinks. I'd try anything once. Any suggestions on a way to excite a girl like this? She has her kinks, but won't tell them to me until I find a large one of my own?! Confusing stuff.
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    Should I help my brother?

    My brother does nothing but sits around and play video games... It's his life and it's pretty pathetic.. I see nothing wrong with doing what you like, but anything to excess is no good. He's 15.. and I can't ever recall him being interested in a "real" girl, although he has posters all over his...
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    Was this a screw up or not?

    I'm doing pretty well with this chick, playin the C+F thing pretty good.. acting pretty indifferent on a lot of emotional issues, cause she complains about guys a lot... But she told me about one guy, and I basically explained to her that it seems like he's only interested in a physical...
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    Guys, I turn 18 in a few days. I only see this sucking... Do the laws completely cancel out anyone younger than me for a whole year?
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    Sorry, what what is Kino and AFL (I think)?

    Sorry, what what is Kino and AFL (I think)?
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    The girl intimidates me...

    I'm a musician and I recently met a singer who is absolutely georgous. We're both 18, and we've talked about getting together to record some acoustic songs, and she's said we should get together to go to some shows and stuff. However, it is all on a friend level right now. We talk about music...