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    Threw out my LTR of 1.5 years the other night

    To be clear, things have been a little rocky for awhile due to extraneous issues. But we were getting ready to go to bed at my home the other night. I had previously moved her toothbrush from one cabinet in my bathroom to another cabinet. She opened the cabinet and saw that her toothbrush was no...
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    In a LTR - if you begin noticing loss of intimacy/interest

    What do any of you do? And yes, I realize a lot of DJs prefer just to spin plates. Do you pull away and try to recreate the tension of not knowing what the other person is thinking? Or just talk to them about what the problem is? I have attempted to talk to her multiple times and "work" and...
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    If you hear “I think we need a break”

    Is the best solution just to go No Contact? It isn’t completely a breakup but seems to almost always be a gradual process to one at that point. Or am I wrong in assuming that? Was with a woman for 10 months. Great sex and lots of fun. But she keeps saying she might be moving out of the area -...
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    Good or bad when a woman tells you she thinks you're a "player"?

    Question is self-explanatory. A woman I am very interested in said this about me today -- albeit with a big smile on her face. However, I am not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, she is acknowledging my success with other women which obviously we all know makes women want us more. On the...
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    Does anyone here think the "one" (or the 2nd or 3rd) is out there for them?

    Question speaks for itself. I am genuinely curious. Obviously we are all about seeing as many women/plates as possible and this enhances our perceived value further to other women. Furthermore, some of us like myself are divorced and have been burnt on thinking we had found "the one" before. But...
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    Communication level after sex

    Guys, Met a lady for a first date at a bar/restaurant this past Saturday. Immediately escalated and had great chemistry. Went out to her car and made out and were getting ready to bang when an officer came by and flashed us with a light and told us we had to leave. We didn't get to finish up...
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    Text Strategy

    I see a lot of these texting questions on here right now so sorry to ask another. Typically I like to ask women out face to face or at the very least on a phone call, but in this particular instance I had a chick initiate and ask me via text and was wondering what everyone's opinion is on how to...
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    Getting back into it after a LONG time...

    Guys, I have been lurking here for the last few weeks and have gleaned quite a bit of useful tips from you guys. I am recently divorced (married 7 years), almost 32, have a great job, would say I am a good looking dude, and have a sarcastic sense of humor. Wouldn't mind some of the DJs'...