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    raw eggs?

    ok im trying to bulk up so ive been eating 2-3 eggs with my breakfast every morning. thing is i dont really like eggs. so im thinking maybe ill just crack 3 eggs in a cup and chug. is there any advice you guys have for someone new to the raw egg game? should i stir em up or drink em whole? any...
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    i love head. that is all.
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    mack bishops swolltime journal

    got my bowflex ultimate 2 yesterday and now im ready to get ****ing pumped. in this thread i will keep record of my progress my current stats: age 17 height 6'2" weight somewhere around 145-150 lbs my goal is to be 200 lbs by july let the bulking begin
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    potatoes: have baked, want mashed

    how do i turn baked potato into mashed potato i know theres more to it then mashing whos got a good recipe