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  1. TheGambino

    Thegambino is back - questions for the community

    Hi there brothers, I've changed my life 180 degrees in the last year, this has been the most productive year ever. I can also tell you honestly that it had to be the most productive year in a lifetime for anyone else also. I've completed my end script for my bachelor degree and got my business...
  2. TheGambino

    The gambino road to success

    Hi brothers, Been gone for a while from the forum because of my business. Everything is going well, I worked so hard to get everything on track and working and it's going well even though its hard work. Because of that I've been lacking very much on diet and sports. Working everyday for my...
  3. TheGambino

    Is this my chance with my first oneitis ?

    Saturday I went to a big festival in the city I spent my childhood in. There were loads of girls and I know a lot of them due going out for years, some I kissed, some I f*cked, some I danced with and loads I didn't know aswell. This is some background info for you guys to understand the...
  4. TheGambino

    Red flags everywhere still going true with it - need advice

    Hi guys, I just came back from a great vacation in Morocco (my mothers country). I went out everyday and f*cked several girls and hookers (hookers go clubbing there also). So many adventures and sh*t that happened but I'll make a post about that if you guys want to read it and when I have...
  5. TheGambino

    Ok this is a rejection right? Thoughts?

    Short story; Danced and made out in a club , met later flirted and took her home. Cex for hours, it was great. It was hot steamy cex. I assume(know) that shes a slvt because she had Guys all in her dm stacked up and guys surrounding her in the club. Anyway snapchatted pictures back and forth...
  6. TheGambino

    Fieldreport with lay ! & need advice

    Dear brothers, I'm back in business. It's all how you feel about yourself! I went to a summer festival yesterday, went to grind and dance with girls. So easy, approach with a smile, look her deeply in her eyes, eye/cexball her. Move with her grinding moves and go for the action. Grab her hand...
  7. TheGambino

    Field report - Greatness and Success

    I never felt so good. I got my own business that's going huge. I make easily 150K a year PROFIT, salary not included. But I work 7 days a week ofcourse. Next to that, I'm back on my diet and gym routine and lost much weight. I will write down my first real field report after 7 months of hard...
  8. TheGambino

    The Gambino is back - miss me?

    Hey there dear brothers, It's summer time again and i'm ready to pick up the DJ life where it ended last year. The reason behind it is taking over a big business like my followers and brothers who were involved with my stories here know. I managed to complete my internship last year at and...
  9. TheGambino

    My succesfull business, life goals and women

    Hi brothers, I didn't post anything for months because I was busy all day and evenings with my business. As some of you know I did the biggest alpha move ever. Started my own big business. I learned and worked for years for a boss and started the same business (franchise) on another location...
  10. TheGambino

    Quick updates and should I risk her or not?

    Im up and running in my new business and it's going all good. It's difficult working from 9 to 9 everyday, including the weekends. I take off monday mornings to gym and that's basically it. In the evenings I fix my private stuff like bills and e-mails and date girls if I run into any. Met a...
  11. TheGambino

    How would you handle her? asap advice date in 3 hours

    Met this hb9 2 years ago in a toilet! A toilet? yes a random toilet near a party location. I was kind of shredded from gym and drunk at that moment. I closed the door and she was looking for the light. I kissed her randomly and we kept on kissing, hugging and she jerked me 0ff for 10 mins. Then...
  12. TheGambino

    Here we go again... should i next? low interest?

    Ok guys, I dont know if I should see this as low interest or am I tripping already for nothing? Yes, I have only 2 options because I don't have time for approaching women anymore, I work too much. Met this girl months ago, she was dating a friend but they went no contact. She ended up in my car...
  13. TheGambino

    Update: Life goal happened - my business is making me big money

    Brothers, It's been a while since I posted something, I don't have the time anymore. I want to tell you guys that I took over a business. I posted about this months ago and told you guys that this was my plan and it worked out. I have to turnover 15.000 euros a week to pay my costs and 20.000...
  14. TheGambino

    Pause on women - SMV business, wealth and health!

    Time for a quick update fellas. Again I have to show my care and love for this forum and community. This place opened my eyes so much, I got to love everyone here, even the negative guys. All you guys will become better men for your own sake, not others. I've been doing very well for myself. I...
  15. TheGambino

    Look what this girl does - why?

    My best buddy and I experience some weird situations since we go out twice a week. Ok, at the end of a party in a club downtown he tells me that we are going to bring two girls home. He f8cked one of them, but she doesn't talk to him and acts cold for a month (low interest, I told him that and...
  16. TheGambino

    Thegambino's thoughts and life update - I give up on women !

    I am really done lmao. The updates: My life is going well, I take extremely good care about myself in health, pleasure, investing in myself. Plates: I'm groomed, I eat healthy, I feel good, I f8ck different girls every weekend I go out. F8ck, replace, repeat. How do I maintain? It's pretty...
  17. TheGambino

    Bragging - I need input and it's usefull for everyone

    Ok, I am doing very well, I feel great. It is because I work out a lot, I eat very healthy, look healthy because of that and I feel confident. Next to that I got a couple of carreer options as a great job opportunity or a chance to start my own business in 2 months. I am someone who braggs...
  18. TheGambino

    I am asking everyone on SS for advice- this is very important to me brothers

    Guys please read this carefully and advice me on how you would view and deal with this. I trust my mother, two of my loyal best friends and all of you the most in life. I thank this forum so much so my deepest thoughts and problems are open for all these great people. My thought was do nothing...
  19. TheGambino

    How to follow up with her ? - need good advice

    Dear brothers, (help me out with solid advice here, I really want to lay her) I met her outside pub a couple of months ago and number closed her. We met up a couple of days later and went on a first date. Let her do 80% of the talking, opened up about myself a bit too much but I really enjoyed...
  20. TheGambino

    The big do's and don't topic in dating !

    Ok guys it's time to refresh everyone's minds again. I find myself being attracting to loads of women everyday and I make use of that when I am clubbing or going out in the evenings because daygame is not really my thing! I also find myself losing women who were initally attracted but got...