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  1. Vantagepoint34

    Just Played My Top Card With The GF

    No red convertible?
  2. Vantagepoint34

    What do you do for a living?

    Natual slection. Natural Selection...
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    Date next weekend 55 miles away. What to expect?

    Even Bakersville?
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    OT. Conceal Carry

  5. Vantagepoint34

    Date next weekend 55 miles away. What to expect?

    Just noticed title of your thread. You haven't done any aviation before? If you just made post at random 55 mph is a big thing in driving and aviation. Tbh girls that don't live in same city also have some Dj code. Taking notes?
  6. Vantagepoint34

    This Smells Like My Vagina

    I've been there. Small world. -___-
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    Never Ask To Become Exclusive

    Ahhh anti-dumps machine. Brings back memories..
  8. Vantagepoint34

    FreeBSD who used it?

    Have you tried Pure Os?
  9. Vantagepoint34

    FreeBSD who used it?

    From looks of it. Best thing it has is miff tv. I've been using something similar through fire tv stick. Somewhat cheaper if you use Sportztv app. Sign up and you're back in 2005 with a direct tv card writer. International tv channels plus selection of films not availible without signing into...
  10. Vantagepoint34

    Red flags on first dates

    You're on to something. Once again take note the divorce rate is %70 and going higher. On top of that look at that statistic %20 drop in birth rates. Also yes gifts too early in the relationship or in this case a trip are a big indicator that guy doesn't know what he is doing. Remember this a...
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    Red flags on first dates

    You could have something. When you're dealing with a soldier in between you and the girl you'd like. Usually the situation can unfold where in as soon as 3-6 months she drops him. I once was with a girl that was an Army staffer. While first kid I had with her happened early. While we were away...
  12. Vantagepoint34

    Are most married guys Betas?

    I can assure you what comes from most marriages is Evil. Thoughts on marriage and what comes from it including every outcome or how it appears. Is exactly that "nothing" good comes from it. Yet Hollywood looks to prove the latter
  13. Vantagepoint34

    Trouble with investment site

    I was following an investment site called scottrade for many years. Right now I'm having a hard time deciding with what company to go with. Charles swab looks good. My cousin swears by bit coin. Some sites like pennyhoarder haven't been around that long. Any of you handle a part time investment...
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    Perfume, the one to get

  15. Vantagepoint34

    Going to meet that cute 49 yr old teacher tonight. How to keep frame?

    Yes. Simple concept. Stop looking at the Why. Look at the what. Her actions. Your job is confidence, selfcontrol, Challenge. You have to gauge something tricky called interest level. Comes down to how good you can spot those red flags. Remember ideal woman your looking for not looking at age. Is...
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    Wow, Megababe Jennifer Love Hewitt has hit the wall

    Has happened before. Image of her bum cellulite on the beach is still giving me nightmares... Guys really if you want to bring up poor ol' Jennifer. Let's bring up another megababe actually in another stratosphere in looks. Kate Beckinsale Vantagepoint has left the chat
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    Pointless Mathematics

    That one on nodding from sales. Basically customer resistance and initial interaction shows they are saying no in both body language and conversation. So subtly nod while seated at coffee table, or with your date etc. Nodding supports mirrororing and eventually your custumor or date is saying...
  18. Vantagepoint34

    Should you trust your gut feeling?

    All good responses. Hollywood would lead you to believe your gut feeling. Probably that gut feeling could lead you to your third marriage going on divorce. In war your gut feeling would lead you to an early grave. So many more phrases and sayings this could connect to. So no don't trust...
  19. Vantagepoint34

    BPD ex, had rebound, how to proceed

    Speaking of the overall population both Male and female. Less of "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"(understanding of/application) and more of "Yolo"...
  20. Vantagepoint34

    Calling out billtx49 “moderator”

    I'll put the nail on the preverbial coffin Julian. Many mods like Bill have come and go. I had the chance to be a mod years ago but decided to pass...