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    hooked up but now having trouble stepping it up

    hey iv been working on this girl for quite some time. its been tough - shes a hot blonde with plnety of options - the kind that leaves regular guys crying. i had a gf before but there was plenty of sexual tension between us. i broke up with the gf and me and the new girl hit the bars got...
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    This seemed like a good idea. a multimedia addition to sosuave. It is an invite only community, so I was hoping someone on here could invite me. I really would like to check out what is offered. thanks alot for your help
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    the post breakup game

    Okay i just got out of a LTR - 1 year. I feel like i loved the girl, but unfortunately treated her like trash and cheated and she worshipped the ground i walk on. So i recently dumped her so i could get this horrible relationship over with. While she was perfect in almost every respect, she...
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    look to nature - evolutionary biology appraoches to dating - master the hunter gather

    **be prepared for a detailed read which could change your perspective on love and life. Okay before I start I will simply relay to a lot of principles of evolutionary biology and then try to demonstrate how it applies to human interactions. When i first started on this website, there was a...
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    learn from your own mistakes

    For the first time, I think i will share a bit of what I learned this weekend. Always be laid back and never drink too much. I had a HB8 on me for about the past month. She would always beg to take her out and such. Rarely I would bring her with my crew and thus she really felt...
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    I found this slightly troubling Discuss
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    help: i am tutor and not by choice

    help: i am a math tutor :( and not by choice ALlright heres the deal , i last year I had to tutor mad hot chicks cause in my school we offer two levels of ap calc and once you finish both you tutor for credit. Well thats what i did, and now a load of hot chicks, always say hi and ****, but i...