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  1. samspade

    Prince Harry

    This is basically what happened with Superman and Lois in Superman II.
  2. samspade

    Women can be nuts....and it happens to all of us

    I'm sure she has as there are plenty of chumps out there. What blows my mind is that women like her think that lunch is an acceptable counter-offer. Either she's used to guys saying "ok," or it's a stab at a free lunch. Only agree to a reschedule if she sounds truly apologetic, doesn't change...
  3. samspade

    Date/Marry a Migrant

    Possible but not as likely. It's hard to undo the lessons and values from childhood. I've seen this in action, but the feminists come across as haters and usually the immigrant woman has too solid a bedrock of values to be swayed by cheap slogans and catty bullshyt. An ex of mine was South...
  4. samspade

    Highest quality and lowest quality women in the US by area

    I think the Beach Boys covered this already. But anyway... True. The Twin Cities are good if that look is your thing, and believe it or not, they're pretty healthy compared with other Midwestern states. Scandinavian is not my cup of tea which is why I left the Midwest, but there are some...
  5. samspade

    Prince Harry

    She's a radical feminist who's taking on the MATRIARCHY!
  6. samspade

    Date/Marry a Migrant

    Doesn't hurt their case that they can be super sexy, in my opinion anyway.
  7. samspade

    @Shepays quote “men attract, women seduce”

    Well said. And the part about advertising and giving women/children more political and economic power was definitely seen with that Gillette ad last year. Sell men's product to women with message they'll lap up.
  8. samspade

    Do you think this lad with a bright future (literally) will have problems getting women?

    I don't think it was ever any different. Guys who study astronomy are one thing...guys who pilot rockets to space are another. Maybe if this guy cleaned up better and cultivated an "I'm the hot young astronomer guy with a sense of humor" persona and booked himself on popular talk shows...
  9. samspade

    Date/Marry a Migrant

    Those are legitimate pitfalls, but 1 and 2 can be avoided by not marrying. Three would be part of the screening process. I don't think would be with someone who couldn't read or write.
  10. samspade

    Do you think Hollywood is amping up sex scenes because hypergamy has made women generally slutty?

    You don't remember that episode where Ward Cleaver gets arrested for giving a blow job in the bus station bathroom? June was VERY upset. Wally told Beav that dad was just "bein' screwy."
  11. samspade

    Date/Marry a Migrant

    It's not that "out there." I've found that immigrant women tend to be nicer, harder working, and more traditionally feminine. I quietly select women like this over the typical loud, bytchy, beer guzzling American feminist. Not to make it binary or anything, lol. But the key is to recognize...
  12. samspade

    The classic woman with "pure" guy friends

    They are not my cup of tea and I don't find them attractive. Simple as that.
  13. samspade

    Grow A Beard

    I'm joking around bro. I didn't say anything about letting a woman dictate anything...lighten up.
  14. samspade

    Grow A Beard

    "Duck Dynasty? Never heard of 'em."
  15. samspade

    Grow A Beard

    Duck Dynasty? I'm pretty sure men have been growing beards since the dawn of man.
  16. samspade

    Today's reality and exact opposites

    There have been a lot of attempts to define these terms, but I think you've given as good a definition as any here. That's a great way of looking at it.
  17. samspade

    Picking up women IRL in a foreign country

    OP, you've been given "tips" and even an offer for one-on-one help but you seem to be set in your ways. If you don't like talking to people, you'll have a hard time meeting people.
  18. samspade

    Grow A Beard

    I grew a beard at 29 and haven't looked back. It was like a new me. My jawline isn't terrible, but I'm not lantern-jawed. And my facial features, let's just say, are not those of the Marlboro Man. But I do have great hair and a good full beard, by full I mean not patchy. Dark brown which brings...
  19. samspade

    Have you seen hustlers and what do you think o f jlo now?

    Though genetics plays a role but it's not a life sentence. You can alter your genetics, in fact, through different habits. Also, I compare J-Lo with the other women who can afford nutritionists, trainers, etc. Not us mortals, lol. She's still a tier above Stefani, Abdul, etc IMO. We just saw...