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    The biggest issue with sex!!!

    you gotta get her real wet first sometimes this takes an hour between making out and removing clothes etc. if shes still tough maybe eat her out its a lot of work, but trust me the girls will come running back if you know how to lay it down then it slides in a bit easier and yeah with a...
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    Christina Aguilera Married to Pasty-White Nerd?

    you guys are making some good comments but your off on a few points first in the animal world mating is based on 3 things fitness - good looking, strong smart etc resources - breeding territory or money in humans parental investment - will this person raise my child animals with pair bonding...
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    hooked up but now having trouble stepping it up

    no discussion.. come on guys this was perfect form
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    hooked up but now having trouble stepping it up

    field report b*itches......... i just demonstrated value tonight i could sense dropping interest level but with only a few days to go i didnt have time to mess around i made triple plans with 3 different girls and let my confidence skyrocket i blew one of for the next.... each girl ate it...
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    hooked up but now having trouble stepping it up

    hey iv been working on this girl for quite some time. its been tough - shes a hot blonde with plnety of options - the kind that leaves regular guys crying. i had a gf before but there was plenty of sexual tension between us. i broke up with the gf and me and the new girl hit the bars got...
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    need help NOW!!!

    lol relax... tell her your caught up inside and cannot commit, and that you need a friend these days more than anything due to something or other. and be like i knew youd understand shell leave you alone
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    European Women

    Scandinavian and eastern european women tend to fufill the western idea of beauty there is a higher concentration of hot blondes. the us does have an obesity issue however so its probably true that europeans are hotter simply because they are less fat and match our ideals of beauty a bit...
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    She feels disrespected...(No more sex?)

    lets sum it up and see if we can figure it out you were playing strip poker you ****er her a little more aggressively she liked it later she feels disrespected it might be a good **** test - like she knows you were going out of your comfort zone and is now putting you back into line. the...
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    How to knock women off their pedestal immediately

    thats about the worst idea iv ever heard are you so afraid of her that you need to imagine **** to be comfortable talk to more girls.... itll do the same thing o and lets say you get real good at this, youll start associating the hottest women with ****ting and youll end up in a world of...
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    Wall Street bonuses make me sick.....

    hahaha dude your views are pretty simple people make money because the work they do is more profitable helping poor children pays little because poor children dont have money i guess you could say that you either get paid in smiles or dollars... we all make choices
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    aim profile views question

    yeah it can be done you can have a link to your website which will record their sn then forward them to whatever site you want. there used to be sites which allowed for this. you can always set it up yourself
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    messed up the first kiss :(

    iv been there before its not a problem, sometimes you can miss a few times in a playful way to raise interest being inexperienced when your 15 is nothing to be ashamed of keep macking all the hs girls possible
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    Men's testosterone levels

    the impact of soy on testosterone is soo highly exagerated its not even funny. its a cultural thing. the one study which suggests the relationship was hardly statistically significant and wasnt replicated with the same results since. and as far as testosterone levels being a huge factor in...
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    Bling bling - How much would you pay for decent sunglasses?

    dont buy expensive shades i opted for a 150 pair of raybans they look awesome, but you have to take care of em all the time, not worth it just grab a $15 pair that are of decent quality and use them all the time and not worry about losing/breaking em the 150 pair will look better and girls...
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    is school truly worth the money?

    bro..... that is more bull**** than i've ever seen written on this website before obvioulsy you never went to college, you know nothing about it and I don't even know where to begin on your post. listen to everyone else buddy
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    gf hanging out with other guys

    she has probably cheated on you already dude. chalk this one up to experience and bang her friends STAT
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    jawline is an indication of test levels in people of normal weight ranges. that means, it has always been an indicator of fitness, no changing it, you may be able to shave though to highlight its existence and make it less noticeable. this type of thing isnt really something you can just look...
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    Check out this AFC's response to posting the Pook "Be A Man" post

    that dude is a ***** you dont need to be afraid of a woman ever in my culture we say, the difference between a boy and a man is the fear of pain, the man has none and thus can never be controlled. he needs to grow up a bit
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    Evolutionary Aspect of Weightlifting

    look up gender exageration youll find a weightlifter as the male example what females find attractive and vice versa often has a lot to do with social aspects. that is evolution, just something that is very difficult to quantify
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    Omg! Woman, Listen To Your Husband!

    please, stop speaking. the dude didnt know anything she didnt. it wasnt a big deal, its a game show, they always make it seem like you just missed the big prize. the girl can play and pretend and have fun without needing to get smacked. this has nothing to do with normal submissive women...