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  1. samspade

    There are 34 MILLION more men than women in China

    I read this article today and found it interesting (and sickening). The human trafficking angle is messed up in and of itself, but what struck me were the causes. Wow, they really didn't think that one through. I know there are billions of people in China, but 34 million is a huge gap. They...
  2. samspade

    Any tax experts/attorneys here?

    I have a couple of questions regarding state taxes and exemptions as an expat/digital nomad. Would prefer to PM but can post here if you're more comfortable with that. Cheers, SS
  3. samspade

    "Crime has no gender"

    You GO Girls!
  4. samspade

    Bill Burr | Netflix

    I recommend y'all watch Bill Burr's latest Netflix stand up special, Paper Tiger. Netflix gets ripped a lot on SS, for good reason, but I think Burr is one of the funniest truth tellers out there. You guys will probably like it. Dave Chappelle has a new special, too. I like him, but he's not as...
  5. samspade

    This shyt exists at every level

    What I'm about to post may interest only me... I was down an Aerosmith rabbit hole (don't ask why) and wound up reading about Bebe Buell, who is the mother of Liv Tyler. As some of you might know, Steven Tyler is her dad, but because he was so fukked up on drugs, Bebe lied to her daughter and...
  6. samspade

    Sosuave Invasion of the Girl Bots

    Thought for a moment it was my lucky day...(see attached)
  7. samspade

    Roosh bans sexual content from forum

    I was on Roosh's blog today...I always found him an entertaining writer, even if he is a little nuts sometimes. Well his latest post was about unpublishing some of his books, mostly about seeking sex. At first I thought he was just tired of being de-platformed and censored, but apparently it's...
  8. samspade

    Ass Slap

    Have you guys ever given a quick playful ass slap to a girl you haven't even kissed let alone banged? I did last night, there was no blowback but I still feel stupid about it. I was out with friends for my birthday, and one is this Colombian girl who's very flirtatious and kinos me (and others...
  9. samspade

    Incel zombie doll marries Rubenesque woman

    Dispatches from the funny farm that is Western society... Felicity Kadlec married her zombie doll, Kelly Rossi, on September 15, 2018 The ceremony, which took place in Tiverton, Rhode...
  10. samspade

    US/Taliban Peace Agreement - media coverage

    I saw this story today and found it interesting. Honestly I wasn't even sure that the U.S. was still in Afghanistan. But what really fascinated me was that it's not bigger news. I can see why people mistrust the MSM. The New York Times, to its credit, placed it at the top of its site, but it...
  11. samspade

    Do you visualize success with women?

    This is kind of an offbeat question but I wanted to get your opinions. You've probably heard of this concept at least once. If you visualize yourself doing something with success, you have a better shot at succeeding. For instance, if you've ever been coached on shooting free throws, even if...
  12. samspade

    Alternatives to Google?

    I've been using Google since 2001 or so. It obviously did its job well for a long time as a clean, simple search engine. Lately though, I can tell it's following the siren song of PC culture, censorship, and of course profit-driven greed moreso than in the past. I don't believe it is giving me...
  13. samspade

    Needy vs. Less Needy Women

    This has been on my mind and wanted to get your thoughts. The past two LTRs I've had have involved extremely needy women, the type who don't seem to like to be alone - ever. (Unless they have some prescheduled task to complete, and even then.) It's warped my perception a bit and made me annoyed...
  14. samspade

    Question About Climbing The Ladder

    I've had the same job for a number of years, and although sometimes it feels repetitive, overall I like it a lot. Recently a job opened in my company that makes sense for me to apply to, a sort of natural next step. However, a big part of me feels some dissonance about applying for it. I've...
  15. samspade

    She Threw It All Away

    My relationship of the past 2.5-3 years or so has had its share of drama, but things were better the past several weeks, or so I thought. Ironically things seemed better while her grandmother (with whom she was extremely close) was dying and then did die of cancer. That put me in supportive...
  16. samspade


    Do you guys have friends? How many? A best friend? How often do you see them?
  17. samspade

    What if I "retired early" and invested in cheap property?

    I'm thinking 5-10 years down the road. Right now I have just 130k in my 401k. In 10 years, who knows, that could be 750k. Obviously if I retire before 59 or so, I pay a big fee for early withdrawal. Plus taxes. But what if I took what's leftover and purchased cheap property in southern...
  18. samspade

    What If Trump Was Set Up?

    Bear with me...I'm not a Trump apologist at all. I don't follow politics much, but this story about intelligence "leaks" (Trump bragging) is pretty intriguing. I read that it could result in impeachment, or a security apparatus that must keep secrets from the president in order to protect the...
  19. samspade

    Who Is Your Favorite Truth-Teller?

    I don't mean hear on Sosuave. Obviously here on SS we all are being honest when we say we banged 10 chicks last week, own an internet business, and are rocking a six pack. I was wondering what modern figures do you consider to be tellers of the unvarnished truth? Regardless of whether they are...
  20. samspade

    Gotta Dump My GF/coworker

    Sure, go ahead and flame me. I knew the risks and made a calculated decision a while back. The truth is, I've been seriously dating a coworker for a few years, so it's not a fling. Overall it's been good, but I'm feeling it coming to an end for a variety of reasons. Most of the "tips" on the...