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    Alpha widows

    Rollo never answers my emails so I'm asking you guys for your take on this. Are they a lost cause? Have you ever managed to make one forget about the alpha before you? If so, how? Is there a successful way to deal with these women?
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    How do I suck her into my world?

    I see her on the weekends. I go to her. She's in the city, I'm not so there's typically more things by her. She's always pre planning stuff which is cool but it takes me out of the lead or planner position. I feel this dynamic isn't sustainable. My week is work. Work out. Go home and...
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    Drop it or no?

    Somethings bugggin me bout the ex even though were just fwbs now. It's gnawing at my mind like an unsolved mystery. Cold case shiit here. So. Just ****ing around with her on the phone the subject of weed popped up. I jokingly asked who is your guy, as in dealer. Now, when we were...
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    So. Been away from the ex for some time now. She texts me this week over some Bs stuff really...I wind up going out there for some action...pretty much what we agreed on. I stay the night. She says if I stay next day shell cook dinner etc etc. I agree. Sex was really good and were...
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    Disgustipated log

    On last week of a modified 5 x 5 strength cycle. Plan is, after its complete to go to a lower weight higher rep cycle to reap the benefits of the increased strength....more reps at a higher weight than before. Then back to strength program, repeat. Tuesday Bb back squats @ 155 4x 5...
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    PoF combo breaker

    Finally swore off pof, knock on wood, as the past x amount of ltrs/lays have been from there. Last night, bored...called up younger bud to go to local watering hole. Shot pool, noticed a girl playing darts that I saw previously there. I approached as I saw her registering for a game....asked...
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    Need good technique for deadlifts

    I want to get my deadlifts up a lot. First time I ever tried them and progressed up a bit in weight i kinda messed my lower back up. Anyone got solid tips on technique I could learn from? Or a link, video? As detailed as possible too. Thanks.
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    Text breakdown -- 2nd night lay.

    Throwing this experience out there for analysis. So ill start this out with the fact that I deal with mostly 6-7s...some of you guys will not even read this because of that or call it inconsequential because you don't need to game them....or shouldn't. Well, for all the guys that do I hope...
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    My life is good.

    I make 30k a year, drive a 90s model beater pickup, I'm in good shape, decent friends, I'm blessed to be able to game women and get new puusy..even if they're 6-7s. I have 5 days off and have **** to do everyday. Friends , family and fuucking. New lady is otw over in a bit...will be second...
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    Alpha fux and beta bux - - and me.

    Started thinking about this and how this so truly reflects what I've seen throughout my dating life, late teens, 20s, 30s and now approaching 40. Especially relating to me. Pretty much a hard look at myself during different different stages in my life. Tell me if you guys agree. Well, I...
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    I need a plan -- and help.

    I've got to get honest with myself and my situation. What I want, what I can realistically attain, etc. I'm approaching 40. Had about 30 plus women in my life thus far. 4-5 ltrs with mentioning....most were 5s, post game I ltr'ed with a 6 for a sex of my life. I've gotten...
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    Lol women are doing the work for us, another post birth selfie! Seriously, one woman says it's unfair?? How the **** does someone rationalize that line of thought? Scary.
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    Tips on Day Game?

    Single again, been relying on online for too may lays. NIght game/bar scene I've had a mixed bag of success with but getting up there in age is starting to make the club kind of meh...I still get out there though because it's a weak spot. Day game I've never really got into. I see tons of...
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    Dinner with her friend

    So we sit down to dinner with her friend and her new hubby recently. She's over 40, prolly pushing 200 lbs too. Not real attractive ya know. Super bubbly personality though, never a dull moment. She starts talking about how good the new hubby is with her kids and how he is trying to ADOPT...
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    I got this friend.

    25 yo. Makes about 30k. 2 kids, one on the way. Once divorced, his current wife and him just split. She's a cuunt. Doesn't want him to see his first son, throws away pictures clothes you name it of said unruly when drunk. If that's not bad enough, his ex wife is remarried to a...
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    im starting to sympathize with women

    There are very few what I would call "men" left. And I'm basing that off of different criteria of your everyday chick nowadays. This realization has been building for about 20 years or so but has become more apparent in the last 10, and unde****ingniable in the last 5. And ill explain...
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    Taking up running again.

    This weekend, on a whim, and very little training me and a buddy entered a local mile run. I ended up winning in under 6 minutes...which was an eye opener for me. I haven't been seriously training in over a few years. I've been lifting, running at about 10 minute pace on a treadmill maybe...
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    just about had it

    So yeah here it goes. I already know I'll be called a fag by Burroughs, probably rightfully so...but I'm in this situation so ill be honest. And truth is I value every man' s opinion here. Just past the 6 month mark with this gal, 40 yo with a 8 yo boy who adores me, he doesn't listen well...
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    open to interpertations or criticism

    Gf of 3 months plans a 3 day trip to the beach. I have 4 days off, so I'm sorta in...kinda went on autopilot. 4 days before we were to leave I snap out of my daze and realize , through past experiences that I tend to be over mini vacations like this by the end of the 2nd full day....its just...
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    How many of you actually believe this?

    Very curious. This statement....women can perform nearly every physical job a man can nowadays that requires heavy lifting. As a lifetime blue collar worker who has had some extremely physical jobs, and excelled at them...I call bs. In those 20 years I've encounterd 2 female outliers and...