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    So I have a friend coming over

    So this girl I work with first off she is FINE with a capital F We have been friends for awhile at work. She lives with her boyfriend and she knows I have a girlfriend. Well we were talking and she is coming over to my house. We are just going to chill. I'm going to do a little cooking. And...
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    George W Bush is a Don Juan

    Think about it. no matter how bad this man screws up, he puts his confident game face on. He gets thousands of people killed , and he shakes it off like he doesn't care. That's how I want to be with women. No matter how bad I mess up, I'll be confident! George Bush is a don juan! His face...
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    Check out my new myspace ho! I just met her on myspace. I took her out to dinner, and then took her home. We started making out and she gave me head in the back seat of my car on the first date! Then I banged her and told her I had to go home. All in all, a good...
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    Does every guy have 1 woman they regret losing?

    Just wondering. Recently a friend told me every guy has 1 woman they had at one point, but did something stupid and lost her. And if they could go back would change things so they could get the girl back. Is this true? Does everyone have 1 girl from the past they regret fukking up with?
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    Women whose father ran out on them when they were kids

    What's the general opinion of women who's father ran out on them when they were little and grew up with no father figure? Are they stable? Reliable? Marriage material? I know everyone is different but I'd like to hear experiences from men who have dated women with this scenario. thanks
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    dumped, now wants me back funny story

    so this girl i was seeing basically dumped me. I didn't really care. Then months later she found out I was talking to a chic hotter than her. All of a sudden the chic that dumped me is emailing me and wants to come over to "see" me, and I turned her ass down. Felt pretty damn good. Women :rolleyes:
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    Party Tactics

    How would you go about working a party to gain confidence and possibly a girl that night?
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    This sh1t isn't working

    What the hell is happening here? I've read the site. I hit on every girl I see. I've gotten a hundred phone numbers. I've gone on dates. I've gotten laid. I've gotten my nob slobbed. I still think about my ex. I even e-mailed her last night (so stupid) when I was drunk. So WTF is...
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    How bad is this

    By now you all now I am insanely in love w/ my ex girlfriend who wanted to marry me but I wasnt rerady blah blah .. I gave her space and the unimaginable happened.... she married the guy right after me. For starters: This ruined me. I let her go. 6 years no contact until this year. When...
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    first cold apporach in awhile

    Finally got rid of my psycho girlfiend so it's time to mack... I've been eyeing this cutie who works at the bank... chit chatted with her awhile about her day then I went in and said maybe I can call you later and liven up your day a bit. She said "no"... and some other words i blocked out. It...
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    Women aging from 27 - 37

    So my ex when we dated was a smokin hot size 0 latina 27 yrs old. I was only 19 lol and was tapping that ass! Plus she hadnt had sex for a year before me.. it was like banging a virgin. this girl left me in ruins and she's 35 now with a hubby. No kids. How much has she changed...
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    GF assaulted me

    story: gf and I got into fight and she started attacking me and clawing me and ripping my clothes.. I told her to get out of my house and she wouldnt and kept attacking me... i called thte cops only to get her out of my house... I told the cops i DO NOT want to press charges , i just want her...
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    She wont tell you to go away but...

    What does it mean if an ex girl you want back is taken now (married) but wont tell you to go away and leave her alone? She just doesnt reply to emails? I asked to to just tell me to go away and I will but she won't.
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    Did something dumb and pissed off Ex Girls Husband (kinda funny)

    I just had a bad experience and I need to see what you think. I dated a girl for a year a long time ago. Over 5 years ago. She was alot older than me so it didn't work out. I was heartbroken and was a stupid kid and "begged" for her back but she found some other guy and wouldn't come back, so I...
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    Called EX girlfriend her husband called me!

    So I left my old flame who I think about alot a message to call me just to talk. Well I got a few unknown calls on my cell after I left a message but I misse them so I don't know if SHE treid to call me back. But today her HUSBAND called and asked why I'm calling his wife. Like he thinks she's...
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    It's me again. The one everyone thinks is a troll. Well I'm not a troll and anyone who cares to read this I am ****ing cursed. I have oneitis from hell and it's from over 5 years ago!!! I've spun plates, got plenty of girls, narrowed them down to a cute lil latina upstairs right now probably...
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    This has been hurting for too long

    A few years ago my ex and I broke up. We were great togther, cept there was an age difference. I was younger. She really wanted to get married and have kids she was reaching 30. Well I blew it and we basically broke up but I still loved that girl to death. Still do. She wasted no time in finding...
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    Sleep Talking

    I talk in my sleep Last night my girl said I was swinging my fists in my sleep like I was fighting someone. She says I do it every night she stays over. Now I am paranoid to stay with another girl overnight because I'll freak her out. Anyone else a sleep talker?
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    Best Type of Relationship

    The best type of relationship is the one I have. My girlfriend is cute, and does everything a good girlfriend should do. But I don't give crap about her. I mean I like her company and all, but when it comes to those mushy feelings, nada. She worships the ground I walk on, loves me, all that...