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    Social Norm

    So youre saying 100% of females will watch your cart??
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    fat chix... that bad?

    Youll probably need to be drunk.
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    Dalia Dippolito tries to hire hitman to kill her husband.

    It would probably help to post the actual story rather than an a clip. That makes no sense if you dont know whats going on...
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    NCAA Football 10

    I havent bought madden in 2 years, instead i got ncaa. I had 09 and its the same as 10. I think the new madden will be pretty dope since i havent played it in 2 years.
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    VH1 reality dating shows

    Everyone is on these shows for 15 min of fame and to get their own show. Garbage. My girlfriend watches these shows and it makes my brain hurt.
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    Get Her 2 Buy U A Drink 101

    Its a lot easier if youre attractive and shes digging your style. Ive had girls buy me drinks without doing anything.
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    ever try buying a bmw, or infiniti with 10k?

    Are you retarded? What are you talking about? You dont need a bmw to get a girl.
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    How could you improve your looks? What would you rate yourself as?

    Eat...a lot. But before that, go to the health and fitness section and search. Im a 9.5.
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    Micheal Vick vs Dante Stallworth

    Yea, i hate him with a passion. During the Jay cutler episode he was the worse. hes probably mad that cutler is so much better and can do what he wants. But all of them are annoying. Its funny how espn is so popular yet they force fed their "analyst" scripts. I would watch something else but...
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    Comedian books suggestions?

    Watch stand up...lots and lots of stand up.
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    Micheal Vick vs Dante Stallworth

    I hate that the ESPN analyst think hes not worth picking up because hes not a great QB. But everyone knows that at the min `NFL salary hes a steal. I hate the NFL life tools. Especially Schlerth, Tim Hassleback and f*ckin Trent Dilfer.
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    Jumping in the deep end

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    2nd bachelorsin biology for phd in behavioral neuroscience?

    Colorado State. Im probably not gonna go back to school since i have enough student loans as it is. Ive been job searching for a while. I started getting ideas of what i might like probably two years ago and i started applying in feb.
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    2nd bachelorsin biology for phd in behavioral neuroscience?

    Youre right, i am being a dooshbag. Just remember, aside from the fact that you know i majored in psych and just graduated, you dont know anything about me...just some advice. Toodles honeybear.
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    2nd bachelorsin biology for phd in behavioral neuroscience?

    Wow, i STILL dont understand why youre so pissed. Haha youre such a retard. I never said i had a bunch of awesome choices, i said i have a variety of options. Psychology is human behavior, which is a part of every job. But for some reason, you guys dont think that is the case. My parents dont...
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    2nd bachelorsin biology for phd in behavioral neuroscience?

    I never said my options were great, dumbass. I said i have a lot of options and a variety to choose from. Glad to see you care about how im doing, thanks sweetie.