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    DJ tattoos... any ideas?

    I just got this a few weeks ago. Its of the painting in the background that I made. Just get something that you think will look cool and you wouldnt get bored of. Not...
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    Maybe a helpful post for minorities - I know it helped me

    Ok, so I read this entire post, and I don't see where any helpful tips were. You basically are saying, if you are not white, you are screwed, unless you go after the random girls that only like your type if you are a minority. Really man?
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    Crazy theories you believe in And if you are one of those people that say they don't trust wiki:
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    wow, my ex amazed me

    You are dumb, and so is your ex. But it seems to me like you were the drama queen in this situation.
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    Date With 19 Year Old A Bit Nervous

    Neither of those guys are you? How do you know any of those girls were there to f*ck that guy, and weren't escorts. Bud, if it's not you in the pic, why even bother?
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    Girlfriend asked me for a "break/ open relationship",

    "using this open relationship to confirm her decision to which she will then end it herself later." You said it yourself, so say this exact same thing to her. And tell her to have a good life and cut all contact with her. Like say a "fVck you" as aloof as possible.
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    How to shopping Cheap Ed Hardy clothes at wholesale prices online

    Go f*ck yourself. Ed Hardy clothes are garbage, so is your store.
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    Try this out.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to compete against another dude in pick up?
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    Makes NO SENSE!

    I thought she was cool when I first met her at the party, but there was a musician there, that was talking to her after, so I moved on. I thought she was interested in him, and I was going to bother getting her interest. I went to talk to others. But that helped, cause she told her friend she...
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    Makes NO SENSE!

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    Makes NO SENSE!

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    Makes NO SENSE!

    I met this girl at a party. We talked, had a fun convo, but thought she was into some other guy. So I went and hung out with others at the party the rest of the night. 2 days later, I meet a friend of the girl at the party, and her friend tells me she (party girl) likes me. I add the party...
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    fun little experiment.

    You are not going to sleep with her, in the hopes that she wants you more, so that you can sleep with her in the future? That is the most r3tard3d thing I have ever heard.
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    alcohol is bad.

    I got drunk at a party last night and drunk called a girl I have a crush on at school. 3 times, at 2am. I have almost every class with this girl. And the first one is tomorrow. Did this happen to anyone else? How awkward was it for you? I texted her today and said my bad for the crank calls.
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    This has got to stop! Seriously.

    I love how people respond to an amazing thread like the one the OP posted, with "advice" that pretty much echoes what the OP say, and act like they are actually saying something way more advanced and that the OP is just hitting the tip of the iceberg. In fact, I know the number one rule in...
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    Should I back way off?

    lose her man, I know it's hard, but it will be for the best. But before you do, look around for your next girl. And in the mean while, use her for sex. Play her off like you have other girls interested (if that is not the case) so you can keep getting it, and be on the look out for a girl that...
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    awkward situation

    That last part is the big problem, and I already know you guys are going to tell me not to care what she thinks, but if you were in my situation, would you think that was easy to do?
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    awkward situation

    I know what you are all saying, and I do small talk, but I avoid the boring conversations. I specialize in over the top humor when it comes to conversations, so that is not the problem there (the one thing I have gotten right after all these years lol). normally, I would not have a problem at...
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    awkward situation

    I know what you are saying, I gave the example of girl b to show you that I can talk to girls fine. But with this one, shes not that friendly, unless you go out of your way to talk to her, and I don't want to be needy like that. If I do it every break and everytime we have class, that is a lot...