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  1. WanderingMan

    Abby Wambach and Christian Mom Blogger Announce Engagement: We ‘Decided to Hold Hands Forever’ The Christian author announced she had found love with Wambach just three months after she announced her divorce from husband Craig Melton, and two months after Wambach announced that she and her wife of three...
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    anyone seen deesade?

    anyone know why he got banned? when/if he's coming back?
  3. WanderingMan

    Is there any way to embed a tweet into a post?

    I've tried a few of the embedding options but I can't get a tweet to work. Is there a way to do this?
  4. WanderingMan

    capitulation, and cause/effect of rewarding bad behavior

    tl;dr Bad behavior: punish :nono: Good behavior: reward :flowers: -- Sometimes known as **** tests, understanding and handling bad behaviors are basic concepts that can be applied to almost all types of relationships. Although how you apply these concepts is up to you (and is often times...