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    Just Play the Game

    Just stumbled across this post...excellent!
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    Start Lifting Phaggots

    Love it! If most of the guys on this site would just take this one piece of advice, many of their problems would be taken care of
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    I decided to become ultra super conservative

    This thread needs to be closed. Conservative or not, this isn't a political forum or a place for trolling.
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    College Approach Journal

    Decide, where in Tennessee are you near?
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    "grass is always greener" syndrome

    I am so glad you posted this!! I'm having the exact same problem with my girlfriend...I should be happy, but I'm not.
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    Very Tricky Situation

    So you're saying that I should give it a shot, and escalate things to see where she stands? I'm assuming that verbalizing any of this is a terrible idea
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    Very Tricky Situation

    Hey guys, I'm in a tricky situation right now. My best girl friend, Rachel, just broke up with her boyfriend about a week ago. She's seeing this other guy, who she likes a lot it seems like. She never really liked her boyfriend that much, so it's definitely not surprising that she's dating...
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    Chaos 101 - Not ENOUGH people don't like you

    This is like the Lane Kiffin rule applied to game...I like it
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    what do you guys do to invite girls to your room?

    Like Brighty suggested, if I'm on a date or not at a party, I always ask them to come back up to watch a movie
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    too soon to be official??

    I agree with Tesl. If she has made it clear that she wants a relationship, and that's also what you want...then there's no use in putting it off. I've lost girls in the past by screwing around too long and not "striking while the iron is hot."
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    Is My Mindset ****ed up?

    Define "normal." It's not a thought that I agree with, or that I've ever experienced...but to each his own. There are a lot of things that I do that wouldn't be considered "normal," but they make me happy. But, to answer your question...I'm not sure how many people feel like this, but I...
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    Crazy Girl

    :crackup: The Psych part was my favorite
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    What is harder? Playing a sport or picking up girls?

    Haha I've just learned to not let stuff like that get me down too much...all I can do is learn from it and do better next time
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    College Game 101

    It's not that all girls who go to parties are idiots or sluts, it would be hypocritical to say that because I go to parties myself. However, maybe this is my insecurity speaking, but I find that the girls at parties have so many options to choose from that I wouldn't have a shot in hell with...
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    What is harder? Playing a sport or picking up girls?

    J. Darko, I've been tackled by that linebacker and I've been rejected by girls, and no, I still choose getting turned down by a woman anyday. (Although that doesn't change my love for football, the pain is part of what makes it special) Getting rejected by a girl isn't going to trigger that...
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    Got divorced earlier this week.

    Chosen1, I know it's not fun to hear all of this about the woman you married. And I also know that this probably isn't the response you were seeking when you posted this thread. But we are all saying this for your best interest...this divorce is the BEST thing that ever happened to you!! You...
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    College Game 101

    Call me crazy...but I go to parties to have fun with my friends, and NOT to meet women. I say this because my aim is to find a girlfriend, and a party girl is not girlfriend material in my book. That being said, I've found that the best place to meet girls in college is in class. The first...
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    What is harder? Playing a sport or picking up girls?

    You can't compare the two, but as far as sheer *difficulty*, playing a sport is definitiely harder. Any jackass can learn how to score a few bimbos, but it takes years of hard work and dedication to become really good at a sport. And as far as the pain you get from girls being worse than in...
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    Getting a girl to dump you

    This has never worked for me. If a girl has her eyes on you, it's hard to shake her. If you start being needy, they'll eat it up as a sign that you like them. You just can't win in this scenario, and it's a lot more trouble than it's worth. Just break it off with'll be so much happier...
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    Are DJ´s digging their own graves?

    This post is spot on. You can't expect to turn a ho into a housewife