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  1. kbbroiler1971

    How easy is the dating game as a blond white guy?

    My advice is to stop dating altogether. I would focus on travelling to other non-western countries like Thailand and date there. A while back I deleted my dating Apps and don’t miss them one bit. Women have too many expectations and their checklist is delusional. For in the western world, I’d...
  2. kbbroiler1971

    Why are women not responding back despite looking at my profile?

    Okay I just deleted my dating apps because in reality I think it is a waste of time. Think about it. Women have the false idea they are in demand with these apps. Plus they get like hundreds of messages from other guys. If you want to meet women the best thing to do is invest in you. Meaning...
  3. kbbroiler1971

    A note to my fellows - be careful what you have on your phone

    Okay is this a new thing? I would not let anyone look at whatever I have on my phone. No chick deserves that right to look at your phone when they start dating.
  4. kbbroiler1971

    Will moving to a new area help me meet women?

    Okay it doesn't matter where you move you'll get the same results. It's not the place you live. The overall culture is feminist related.
  5. kbbroiler1971

    Could a dude be so numb to dating that he couldn't develop feelings for another lady?

    Okay here is my perspective and I'm almost 50. I was telling this to another guy the other day that I don't get crushes anymore. I see attractive women but honestly, their faces mean nothing to me. Then I went on to add that the porn that really gets me hot on PornHub was the ones that show the...
  6. kbbroiler1971

    Girlfriend wants to take break

    Okay I know this was already said on this thread so my bad if I repeat any of it. First, you should not date co-workers. It's a bad idea in this new world and you could get fired or you could be like me. I dated someone at work when I was 18. My first girlfriend and it lasted for 2 years and she...
  7. kbbroiler1971

    Yup. Dating still sucks

    This reminds me of a stand up bit with Eddie Murphy. When he was talking about Reaganomics. Some in the audience yells," Reaganomics sucks!. Then Eddie says tell us something we don't know motherf*ckers. LOL...... Trust escorts is the way to go!
  8. kbbroiler1971

    Women staring at you with their man right next to them

    Yeah, **** happens like that but don't really think much of it. All it is her hypergamic filter probably.
  9. kbbroiler1971

    Are men really so desperate as to want to hit up THIS?

    Okay the trick is to not look too long or else you will go blind for about 15 mins. A fair warning to all the guys.
  10. kbbroiler1971

    How to motivate wife to shed some lbs?

    Okay, my advice is you be the example. I'm assuming you work out as you said been on self-improvement for 18 months. You also have to show that other women have eyes for you. There has to be a dread factor there. Do you both go out a lot? The best way to do this is at parties especially work...
  11. kbbroiler1971

    Even ugly NHL players get hottest girls

    Yeah but the end of the day they are Stanley Cup champs for this season and plus their story is amazing. Were in last place at the beginning of the year. It's an incredible story. I have seen all Toronto teams win. I have seen the Blue Jays, Argos, TFC, The Rock, The Marlies and this season, of...
  12. kbbroiler1971

    Even ugly NHL players get hottest girls

    Woof Brad Marchand! Woof meaning one of the Bruins that have caused me pain and suffering in 2013, 2018 and this playoff season. I'm still getting over the fact the Leafs lost another game 7 to the Bruins and I still love the Leafs. A team without a captain and the Mitch Marner signing is going...
  13. kbbroiler1971

    5 years since vasectomy, ask me anything

    I had one done in 2015 and no regrets. I didn't even freeze any because I made the decision if I decided to have kids it would be more noble to adopt than to hire a surrogate. That was fine for me and not knocking those who go by the surrogate route.
  14. kbbroiler1971


    Uh oh it looks like her emotional feelings metre is malifunctioning. Best go for a backup plan!
  15. kbbroiler1971

    The smiley face on a receipt????

    This isn't analyzing did you miss the part where I said this had happened before so I had a bunch of these things which I didn't know I had them. The truth is I don't really care but I had a bunch of receipts with smiles and I was like WTF?!?! I'm not guessing. I'm not getting excited over it. I...
  16. kbbroiler1971

    Girl wants to be friends

    Did you ever watch Seinfeld? You talk about nothing. She asks something about you and then turn it into a nothing answer about yourself.
  17. kbbroiler1971

    Girl wants to be friends

    You should have back off when she started holding hands and not try and kiss her. What did you talk about also? Did you say too much about yourself? You have to say the least about you and leave her guessing. Think of it as reading a book. Would you want to read a book if you knew the ending? I...
  18. kbbroiler1971

    The smiley face on a receipt????

    I have noticed this and I have gotten this from women. It will be days after I notice but is this supposed to be some sort of yeah she likes the cut of my jib? I was just going through my receipts as I drive Uber and Lyft so I was looking for my gas receipts and I was at the supermarket on...
  19. kbbroiler1971

    Got broken up with by an hb9.5

    Okay let's take this in stages she broke up with you because something in your past and around the same time a family member passed away? For that alone, I would cut all ties and never speak to her again. Now you lost frame but the only thing you can do is use this as a lesson and move forward...
  20. kbbroiler1971

    Purchasing high status car to help attract women?

    I wouldn't say buy a high established car is worth it to attract women. If you do want to use vehicles to attract women on a continous basis, get a motorcycle. That way it will give you the fonzie appeal. A guy on a bike is more mysterious on a bike than a car. I have a baby bike a Kawasaki...