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    Had Online date first time ever and she cancelled

    First time using Tinder. We matched on tinder. Asked her out, she says "Sure". A day before we meet I tested her to confirm if she is still up for coffee. She says to me I let her hanging yesterday. I just didn't know what else to say to her so I just stopped replying to her yesterday. So I...
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    Date with HOT Black girl

    Todays date. Instant date with girl from Liberia or Nigeria. Grabbed coffee and went to find a place to sit. After a few giggles and convo she asked my age, I said 40 and I think that turned her off. She is 23. I tried to keep my composure and tried to change subjects. There were a lot of...
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    Date with girl from Hong Kong

    My philosophy fclose or nothing. Met her yesterday. Had date today. Weather was rainy and bad, but I shouldn't use it as an excuse to no fclose. Started in the coffee shop, place was packed I didn't expect it. Found a place to sit and We sat next to each other and there is someone sitting next...
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    Who to hang out with (successful people)

    I have been thinking about the people I hang out with recently. I don't have many friends because I'm not from this city. But I have my fair share of success because I worked really hard for it. I usually hang out with 3 guys who don't have the success that I have. I have a few questions about...
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    Merge usernames

    To the administrators: I have a couple of usernames with multiple posts. How can I merge them?
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    Sh0t test maybe

    daygame. Met new girl 2 days ago I'm pretending to be super busy these 3 days. She asks: "Why so busy?" in Text I replied: "When people know you it's hard not to be busy sometimes" If you have a better reply or feedback. Go ahead and post them.
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    Guy who is 20 yo gets a stunner

    I know this guy who is a PUA and started recently. He was able to fclose this girl. I have more than 1 decade of experience and I'm still figuring things out. I sometimes wonder if it's my age (40) that it's the reason I'm not able to fclose recently from Daygame.
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    Had Date with Milf

    Instant dated her. Bought us drinks from Starbucks. Ran out of things to talk about with her and she was not contributing to the convo. I got really bored and I was losing attraction towards her. Maybe she also was losing attraction. I tried to change venue but she said maybe not, next time in...
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    My buddy and I # closed same girl

    My buddy and I # closed same girl. I Did 2-3 weeks ago, still working on how to get her out. My buddy # closed her today in the same shopping mall. She doesn't say much in text, you know the one/two words reply. I only asked her out one time but she said she is more free on Wednesday then the...
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    Working on new girl

    Again met in daygame, she mentioned she has a boyfriend but she says he is boring because he plays videos games and doesn't do many fun things . Asked her out for coffee 3 times between August 6 to August 21. She always came up with a reason not to meet. These are the reasons: 1st: "Sry im @ a...
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    Girl says I will leave it to Fate.

    Approached girl, talked to her. She says her dad works in the army and they move across the country a lot. I asked her how long more she is going to stay in the city. She says she doesn't know. Talked for around 8 minutes. I went for the number close. She says she isn't comfortable giving out...
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    Girl refused my offer for movie night at my place.

    Had another HB7.5 20YO on a date a couple of days ago. This time I ran out of things to say and she was shot testing me, I think I passed most of it and I can't remember what she asked. The critical moment is when I tried to hold her hand and she told me she was not looking for a relationship. I...
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    Dilemma - Sex drive issues - HB8.5

    Instant dated 20 Yo HB8.5 to my bedroom. This time I did a little bit better than my previous date (You can read them, I posted them up). A lot of future projections, pushNpull, teasing, disqualifications. I think my mistake was that I was not in the mood. I told her my sex drive is low and I...
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    Vancouver BC

    Looking for wingmen for daygame only. PM
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    Girl is rejecting my advances

    So had 2 girls I was working on the last 2 weeks. I know with the first girl i was too pushy and I did no qualify her so she tells me it's not going to workout. With the 2nd girl I was less pushy and forgot to qualify her. She tells me she has a boyfriend today. You can read my previous post...
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    Girl wants to be friends

    20YO girl. Holding hands, a lot of touching, pulled her close to me, a lot of laughs, I teased her, etc. When I went for the kiss she backed off, I did'nt care, I continued talking and showed her a couple of places. After 2 hours she said she had to go. When we texted. she says, I'm very nice...
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    Daygame - Under 23 yo chicks

    Why is it so hard to get the under 23 yo chicks? I can get their numbers, but they put me in the friend zone, or somethings they just dont text back.
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    Girls just walk away

    Whats wrong with the girls who doesn't even let me finish saying my opener and walks away?
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    c0cky and Funny

    What would you do if you over did c0cky and funny in text? She thinks it's true and keeps asking me if what I'm saying it's true or if I'm kidding. What a naive and dumb chick. What should i do?
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    Girl sh1t tested me and walks away

    Girl sh1t tested me, didn't like my answers, gets annoyed/upset and walks away. What would you have done?