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    Are DJs failing with women because of their dads?

    Instead of dad taking his son on goody two shoes, blue pilled, boy scout camping & fishing trips and or tossing the pigskin in the yard in hopes his offspring one day becomes the superbowl winning, beta bucks target for gold diggers...shouldn't dad have been taking his lil DJ out in the field...
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    Game and Hurricane Dorian

    Hello all. First time viewer, long time poster. I wanted to get your attention on my situation which is quite unique. I am a 29 year old laptop millionaire who was able to quit my day job and move to the Bahamas, thanks to the courses sold to me by Tai Lopez, Jason Capital and Dan Lok which...
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    Is So Suave Unloved Shack?

    There's the forum Love Shack. Then there's So Suave which could be called Unloved Shack since DJs never care to form a bond with a woman. Do you proudly embrace being unloved? I just want to be loved, is that so wrong? Put a lil love in your ice cold hearts.
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    Incels: Are they just in a temporary dry spell?

    Are "Incels" just in a temporary dry spell? Or is "Incel" permanent? IMO Incel is temporary till they find the first wildebeest that will take anything she can get. Or till they develop into a swan from an ugly duckling. Being "Incel" is a choice. No way any incel could ever NOT improve to at...
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    Would you rather your female family members date a fellow DJ or a blue pill dude?

    Would you rather your female family members date a fellow DJ or a blue pill dude? State the reasons you prefer one over the other.
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    Why doesn't Chad move to a 3rd world country?

    Ever notice how you never hear of Chad's or any handsome, successful with women in the west men talk about how they are going to move to 3rd world countries where the "grass is greener"? Why is it that any man who complains about the west, shows himself on video etc. and says he's leaving just...
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    So Suave as an OLD site?

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    When was the last time you cried over a woman?

    When was the last time you cried over a woman? What did she do to make your waterworks flow? Did she cheat on you? Ghost you and go no contact? Or did you cry tears of joy when she finally gave you her number?
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    Cope myth: "Women hit the wall & men only get better with age"

    Let's take a good look at this major coping myth of "women hitting the wall & men only get better with age" First let's not pretend that women not only have tons of orbiters, suitors, chads, providers, and mstow / incels talking about them constantly, still banging them, orbiting them...
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    How did you meet your special sweetheart?

    Did you meet her through random daygame approaches? OLD? Social circle? Club/Lounge/Bar? Did family set you up with her? Or did you meet your special sweetie elsewhere? Let's hear it from the successful men so the rest can learn how they met and kept their special lady.
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    Building "comfort" on OLD is for cowards comfortable staying online.

    If you're beating around the bush, trying to "build comfort" "establish a connection" with chicks on OLD you're doing nothing more than being a coward instead of pulling the trigger, getting her number and setting up a meet. Don't know why PUA / "dating coaches" ever gave that kind of advice...
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    Even Chad fails miserably on OLD.

    Anyone care to guess why even Chad fails miserably on OLD?
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    How do you cut to the front of her orbiter line?

    How can a man of value show a woman all the value he possesses and cut to the front of the long line of her orbiters so he can then plate her and use her for sex only?
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    I kissed a BPD and I liked it

    What is so bad about these BPD women so long as they tell you up front about it and you are fully aware of their tactics being a man who does for self and not for a woman? You get all the wild sex you can dream of from a plate status only. I kissed a BPD and I liked it.