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  1. behimo

    Lowering standards for release.

    they are dating apps; seeking arrangement sugar daddy meet
  2. behimo

    Seems like most men are single

    funny you mention that, in the last 48 years there has been over 50 million abortions in the US alone.
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    How to motivate wife to shed some lbs?

    you need to revisit nutrition and physiology. women carry more body fat for child bearing but that doesn't excuse them for getting fat. if you have discipline, male or female or whatever you want to label yourself, you can lose weight without working out. sugar, insulin spikes/resistance is the...
  4. behimo

    What I learned

    I understand why people don't recommend strip clubs. #1 expense and #2 frame is already set before you walk in the door. BUT if you learn the concepts, you can watch it in motion and if you learn the non-verbal communication as well as the verbal, it's a playground. It does get old after...
  5. behimo

    Redskinfan92 - Physical makeover

    honestly I can have stacks of cash in front of me, strippers generally don't approach me regardless.
  6. behimo

    Redskinfan92 - Physical makeover

    yup i get respect from strippers :)
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    Redskinfan92 - Physical makeover

    I second dressing how you want and not to appeal to someone but then again I guess it depends on the end goal. I'd also say playing competitive video games would sharpen that alpha mentality.
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    All Comes Down to Looks - Cold Hard Truth

    I feel like looks people associate more with face, physique. you don't get that association with aura, vibe, maybe fashion. I feel its the intangibles, things that you can't point to as one dimensional as amante has noted and spaz has referenced with staying power
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    All Comes Down to Looks - Cold Hard Truth

    I wouldn't say looks, I'd say more your Aura/Vibe/Fashion
  10. behimo

    Hair regrowth and/or thickening?

    nice shampoo, lather it in and get in a steam sauna, sit in there for 5-10 minutes, then come back out and rinse. opens up pores and allows shampoo to do it's job. feels damn good.
  11. behimo

    How do you deal with mortality?

    I agree with you DelayedGratification. There is something to be said for dedication, whether or not love was there throughout the whole relationship, there is a bond there between the spouses after sharing their lives or living with each other for so long. The problem today is most people are...
  12. behimo

    What Is Your SMV if You Intimidate the Hottest Women?

    Trying to be cool seems out of frame. Be cool, or not. There is no try. Yolo Yoda Also you might be better off not reading too much or thinking over a situation as that makes you needy overall.
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    Handling a more Conservative Girl without getting Friendzoned?

    a woman is a sheathe to a sword.
  14. behimo

    My fault?

    To be fair, you can't expect her to message you when she's on vacation in Miami, that would be really needy of her to text you away when you are not in a established relationship especially not a long term one. But it is your open mind attitude that I spoke of when I said you didn't have...
  15. behimo

    Sex Drive is LOW and CRAMPING LEGS

    didn't see mention of creatine to retain water in your muscles. daily dose of maca and dhea with a keto diet will increase T.
  16. behimo

    Snapchat, insta, etc

    true, but depends on the audience and your personal goal with that person. PUA goal is to sleep with whomever you find attractive, so what I described above is one of those tools. If that isn't your style, then your original question has been answered by you.
  17. behimo

    My fault?

    well OP, what's the goal here? are you just trying to sleep with her or LTR her? If you are floundering or just going with the flow, then there is no direction. She will feel that. from how you've described the encounters, that's the feeling I get. you have a short window to convey yourself...
  18. behimo

    Snapchat, insta, etc

    after a date or two, i would say no. initially after getting a number and you're trying to pull them into your world and you want to show them what your about without texting or to bait them, then yes maybe if your photos are indeed good bait or a reflection of your 'social' value.
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    Women Are Choosing Extinction

    the rational male dot come has been around for awhile.
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    Red pill moment on game of thrones last night

    When Cersei to Euron Greyjoy, "You want a *****, buy one," she says. "You want a queen, earn her." then proceeds to bend the knee and take it from Euron anyway after all that bravado. Women.. Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do indeed.