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  1. kbbroiler1971

    The smiley face on a receipt????

    I have noticed this and I have gotten this from women. It will be days after I notice but is this supposed to be some sort of yeah she likes the cut of my jib? I was just going through my receipts as I drive Uber and Lyft so I was looking for my gas receipts and I was at the supermarket on...
  2. kbbroiler1971

    blue pill friend goes bye bye by me and I set the terms

    For a while I had this blue pill friend whom I still was in contact with over Facebook. I know a lot of people do not like Facebook but I don't obess over it like some people. Anyways, for years me and this guy have been back and forth about political views, LTR views, and sometimes religion...
  3. kbbroiler1971

    So I'm done with women in FWB's

    After 3 weeks into the new year the APA, the Gillette commercial, seeing all the toxic comments on Twitter by women and men backing them, then the women's march today and all the hate signs there, I'm done. I was done with LTR's long before but was open to FWB. The comments, hate and demonizing...