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    Serious Situation part 2

    Ok, so some of you may remember I posted this thread a few days ago and got some great advice. I've quoted the original post because that thread got moved to general (not sure why, since I'm over 25) and I can't edit it otherwise I'd just link to it. Anyway, the reason for this thread's...
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    Serious Situation Need advice badly

    Edit: not sure why this was moved from the 25 and over forum...
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    FR: (ElStud style)

    Hey all, ElStud here. Ok, so I just got done mildly interacting with members of the female gender and that means I have a field report to share with you for your reading pleasure! Btw, I'm much more daring than you KBJs because I actually speak to women, like this one chick who opened me with...
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    Joined a workout place but confused

    So, I finally joined a workout place. It's not a regular gym, it's a rehab center that makes some side-money charging people fees to use their workout equipment. There's lots of machines that focus on single exercises that work multiple groups, there's bikes, a pool, and a free weight area...
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    Feeling Overwhelmed

    So, I decided I wanted to try working out to look better (main reason) in addition to getting the health benefits and bonuses of attracting women (another big reason). After reading through this site and others, I just don't know where to begin. There's just so much information and...