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    Women are the new Men?

    No, last time I checked men were doing just fine. Except a lot of us are quivering in our ****ing boots because *gasp* things are actually on their way to being equal now. A lot of guys are ****ting bricks because women can actually do things that they (literally in some cases, like vote...
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    Honestly, How Far Has Anyone On The Hs Board Gotten?

    Not extremely hard to believe. It says 'had sex more than once' not, 'had sex with multiple people.' AS
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    These Airplane Liquid Bombs are BS.

    Well... that was fun. AS
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    I'm a legend

    I came across this and took it in... Damn... this just made me want to start posting again... AS
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    Criss Angel, is it real or fake?

    As a Magician I can honestly say that he is pretty much correct. Also... not everything Criss Angel does is 'stop and go' (although, it is something that is used in 'television magic'). A lot of the stuff that you see Blaine, Angel, and others of that ilk use are very expensive and very...
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    I Feel Like I Have Nothing to Live for . . .

    I've been at the place you're at plenty of times... more times than I care to count to be perfectly honest. What did I do to turn it around? Simple... I sat in a room and thought until I realized that I had two choices... I could either a.) do my best to live the kind of life I wish to live...
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    How do you deal with the slutty type of girls??

    If you think it's bad now... just wait until you reach my age... Most women are complete and utter attention *****s... Deal with it... How do you do that? Simple... You do the same exact thing, they do to you. If you approach this sort of woman with the understanding that she is in fact an...
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    This has to be said

    *Heavy applause* The force is strong in you Eternal... I have taught you well... ;)
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    Ethics of stealing a girl

    All is fair in love and war... AS
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    "****y and Funny:" A Myth Destroyed

    Yeah... you are right about what you said about Papa, but hey... whatever works. And it says that because 'The Matrix: Reloaded' (who was/is) a moderator and The Antichrist_Star are the same person. :) **** man... where did you guys dig this thread up from? Haha AS
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    Is attraction the same everywhere?

    If you understand attraction at in it's essence, you will realize that it is the same everywhere. Cultures, are different 'scenes' (I hate using that term) are different, hell... cities and towns in one state (or in your case country) are different. But attraction is an intangible object like...
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    I keep losing to damn Emo kids lol...

    I hate to be the one to say this... but this entire thread (and many of the reactions to it) is very, very silly. If another guy snatches up a girl you want... Don't blame it on a 'trend' Don't blame it on the fact that he is 'emo' (perhaps the most ridiculous subgroup created in the last...
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    Whats the last cd you bought?

    I'll definitely look out for it. AS
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    Whats the last cd you bought?

    I don't know man... I thought Lateralus was pretty good, but I didn't enjoy it as much as Aeinma and the new CD. A lot of people I've talked to are on the fence with the new CD, but personally I ****ing love it. I will agree with you though when you talked about rock music. They're not too...
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    Dr. Phil Squashes Men's rights.

    I want to get with this man... I really do. But the bottom line is he set himself up for failure. Come on guys, we've seem this kind of thing happen a million times, and this is a clear case of a man thinking with his **** instead of his brain. You can call me a cynical ******* or whatever...
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    Girl invites me to play bingo at her church

    I start playing songs in my head (like 'Rosetta Stoned' off of the new Tool CD) and pretend I'm listening. :rockon: AS
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    This made me LMAOWTFBBQ!!1!

    *Heavy Applause* AS