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  1. WanderingMan

    How to play long game?

    This is a great topic. Many a times, plates are out of reach initially or for long stretches. For me, the trouble is getting sucked into long text convos. I like the advice above. My addition would be to mix it up with response times and/or days/times you text. If she's expecting you to...
  2. WanderingMan

    Got kicked out of supermarket

    How is she supposed to like you or be interested when you're a random stranger and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is complete gibble garble?
  3. WanderingMan

    Got kicked out of supermarket

    not really though, what he said had some purpose or end meaning, it would lead to a conversation. How is what you described here related to what OP described? Is the OP unattractive, is that why the lady didn't understand what he said?
  4. WanderingMan

    Surefire opener for random approaches. Thank me later.

    You: Hi there, real quick, can I get your opinion on something? Her: Sure You: What do you think penis? (pull out penis at that point, and show it to her)
  5. WanderingMan

    "Lets get to know each other before we date"

    There's another thread about this that was recently put, some good insight there. But, this situation just happened to me and it was while we were talking on the phone. Quick background: she just got out of a 5 year relationship (or something like that) and I met her through an acquaintance...
  6. WanderingMan

    Got kicked out of supermarket

    how do they respond? Can you provide a few examples?
  7. WanderingMan

    Got kicked out of supermarket

    Seriously, have you really used that opener and it's worked? Trying to understand.
  8. WanderingMan

    Got kicked out of supermarket

    lol'd numerous times on this thread What's the typical response, OP? I'm trying to put myself in her shoes and can't really imagine what she would be thinking.
  9. WanderingMan

    Texting in the Toilet

    Good she moved out on her own. Wondering if she's trying the ol 'take away'. Just be prepared for her to try to re-insert herself back into your life. Have you changed the locks yet?
  10. WanderingMan

    What's wrong with this chick?

    As what's been conveyed, I believe you were trying to fight skewed logic with rational logic. In other words, you brought a knife to a gun fight. Someone else brought up sales "win the argument, lose the sale". When she hasn't met you yet, and/or you haven't touched the right buttons yet, she...
  11. WanderingMan

    Anti Trump Satanists are HOT!

    wait... that's a woman?
  12. WanderingMan

    Going to bars and clubs alone

    I used to go out to bars alone all the time. I was apprehensive at first, however I quickly found out what an advantage it is. First of all, you'd be surprised how many women go out alone. You don't recognize it because once a woman gets to the bar by herself, she can pretty much talk to...
  13. WanderingMan

    Texting in the Toilet

    Is this for real? Don't even know where to start. I'll just give a few quick words here: -She's manipulating you -She's cheating on you And: -If you put her on half of the house, she will be stealing from you She sounds like a con artist/grifter. It also sounds like she's found an easy...
  14. WanderingMan

    Gotta Dump My GF/coworker

    "it's not you, it's me" Seems to be the classic go to. From what I have seen at the workplace, break-ups have never really caused any issues.. During the relationship, on the other hand, is where I've seen some riffs- and that's usually mostly due to other co-workers being jealous of one or...
  15. WanderingMan

    Nobody can hurt you like a woman

    I agree with a lot of what's said here. However, I feel this comes down to one thing. Your bi-sexual friend can control men rather easily, but not so much other women. Once she gets involved with them, she's undoubtedly got her hooks in them and she knows, in one way or another, that she'll...
  16. WanderingMan

    Can't make it up.

    Nice work. $hit test passed. To break it down:... I might pass. A straight forward no fvcks given response. basically a "eh, I'm good, I've got better things to do" without coming across as being butthurt. Her hamsterwheel started spinning and she did a 180. David Deangelo use to talk...
  17. WanderingMan

    Threatening a woman with leaving her if she doesn't put out is now considered rape!

    If you read the article objectively, you can see that it's heavily biased and opinionated with very little FACTS. The few tidbits of quotes are one sided and don't explain the extent of the 'relationships'. Without knowing more about the situation, it seems that all of these women were in...
  18. WanderingMan

    Nice Vehicles

    I've had one luxury car, and, from what I can recall, at the time, it helped my out absolutely zilch. Really, like Zero. I was somewhat struggling at the time with women, but doing well professionally, got the car because I liked it and could easily afford it. It might be able to open a...
  19. WanderingMan

    Did i respond correctly in this case?

    True, a fine line? However, someone who's mindful and self-aware would not say something like that unless they wanted to intentionally hurt her. You could chalk it up to "oh, I was just letting her know it was cool and that I had other plans" But, we know what the real intentions were here...