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    speaking of friends

    i have the best friends. today is my birthday and all my buds pitched in and they bought me a DVD player. Thanks guys.
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    get rid of my belly

    ok guys i do 300 crunches a night plus 100 push ups(i realize that doesn't help my gut) i don't have access to a gym, i have 3 sets of dumbells 10lbs 20lbs and 25lbs. can you give some ways i can get rid of my beer belly? Thanks
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    how do you guys do it?

    OK, this isn't girl related but it is highschool related. My grades have been slipping as of late, i mean really slipping, since i have gf, more friends and just a social life in general. And now that i see that i'm failing i care even less so my question to you is what motivates you to do well...
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    20 questions

    Hey guys. I can't find the old post that was flyin around about the 20 questions game. I need some really good questions. not just the tipical one about sex but the ones that require a little more to the answer.
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    single again

    thats right, me and my girlfriend of almost 6 months just broke up. I'm a little shakin up right now ( i wasn't expecting it) but i'll be ok
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    messed up [quick advice plz]

    ok the other day my girlfriend was over, we were eating dinner and a good friend of mine called (female) her bf had just broken up with her so she was cryin and sh!t right. so i talked to her for about 20 minutes and calmed her down. no biggie. we're talkin and she finds out i had gone out...
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    i keep seein the term PU used allover this board. WTF is a PU? sorry for my ignorance.
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    2 many women

    ok heres the deal. i have a gf, and i have a job. i work with this amazing girl Robin right and so we're talkin and now shes comin over in a bout an hour to watch movies with me. heres the problem i have a gf and shes allready jelous of robin cuz i spend time with her, so if she finds out...
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    PDA's (public display of affection)

    hey guys I been goin out ith this girl for over a month now, but she really doesn't like pda's i mean we can hold hand or i'll put my arm around her as we walk but no kissing or even huggin. it makes her feel "weird". so my question to you is how do i warm her up to this idea without...
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    i know shoes are one of the most important parts of the wardrobe. but as a highschooler and wearing jeans and a t or sweater i'm not gunna wear fancy leather shoes right. so what kind or runners do u reccomend, near by there is a sports store that has these oldschool nikes remade, i'm thinkin...
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    is there a way so that your signature will always be attached? if not there should be. ------------------ Canadian Pimp-O-the-Year!