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    So you wanna go from AFC to DJ. Just do it.

    Very true, conscious analyzing over comming event is just waste of energy, just do it. I'll give you 5 Stars to you my man :)
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    How to increase your PU-skill

    What you say is very true carbani, one must be very skilled to use this, or at least have the seduction-knowledge. I Loooove AFC's, they make it sooo easy for us. :)
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    How to increase your PU-skill

    Exactly, that's exactly what I mean, like the approach you do to "repair" the things that goes wrong.
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    How to scare off an unwanted stalker-girl?

    Here you go: * Call her at least three times a day, talk til she want to hang up * Talk about yourself ALL the time, talk about your problems and things that are boring to her * Interupt when she talks * Don't listen to wha tshe says, if she talks about something personal either...
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    How to increase your PU-skill

    An easy way to get better doing PU's is by using your imagination to do a pick up. Just imagining the entire sequence. This is one of the cornerstones to my success as a seducer despite my ugliness, I constantly practice doing pick-ups in my head til they are flawless, I discovered that I was...
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    Do not Lose Hope. That which does not kill us makes us Stronger (The Road to Ithaca)

    BE HAPPY NOW! Why wait ten years for happiness when you can obtain it now? I might not live in ten years, I might be dead and buried. I see no reason to set up a goal as in ten years I am allowed to be happy and live a ****ty life till then. "Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't...
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    Guaranteed Pickup Line

    Have you actually tested this one with success?
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    Let her do the work!

    Thanks terminator. And for the rest of you. Ignore the second tip if you want to be moralizers, the first is the one that works absolutely best, the third work I'll say 10-30 % of the times or similar, it depends much on the girls self esteem, the place you are at and the age. Capitol...
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    Let her do the work!

    "I think this is a horrible idea. Only one word to describe it: disgusting." "Disappear from my eyes! I always rate all the tips I read, and I'm giving this tip a solid 1. I haven't often read tips that make my blood boil from anger, but this one definetly does! Learn some respect, for...
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    Seductive Conversation

    donshawv You are completely wrong, even though I dispise the use of SS I know at least five persons who use it successfully in their lives. I assume you have not tested it and you think that in logical terms it may not work, tell you what, try things before you judge them!
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    Let her do the work!

    "if its so easy to pick up her friend why dont you just pick her up to begin with? " 1. It is easy because you don't give a ****. 2. Because I don't want her. "no girl is worth ruining her friendship with her friend. some of us have morals" So good for you. "a better way of doing...
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    Lengthen your stride

    I recognize myself in this post, I was constantly showing confident body language, widening my shoulders, standing straight, walking in a fast pace, taking large steps, never lowering the head, etc... This is only a short solution. Confidence should come from the inside, confidence should come...
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    Let her do the work!

    "Yeah, but how does trying to make her friend look bad help you hook up with her? What's the point of it? It seems like this is something that could easily backfire." 1. She must have a reason to betray her friend and stealing her boyfriend. 2. It creates intimacy between you and her. 3...
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    Let her do the work!

    Morons! Everything is fair in seduction, period!
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    Let her do the work!

    Imagine that there is a space between you and another person. What is the best way for you to meet the other one? One person may say that the best way is to walk towards that person, but then you are giving that person a choice; to reject you or not. If you instead have a trail of candy...
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    Scan her personality in 5 sec...

    After I wrote this post I really wondered why I wrote it, I have everything in my head, but I just can't get it out, there is so much exceptions to everything and such. Maybe it is better to say it like this: "People are constantly showing what kind of persons they are, the clothes, the make-up...
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    Scan her personality in 5 sec...

    GREETINGS! I have not posted much lately, I have been out experimenting and studying. One thing that hit me was that every person is different, every person has different needs, every person has a unique personality and therefore: every person need a unique approach. Bear with me and you will...
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    Seventh part - Poetry and storytelling

    I think this is the most neglected, hated and the most AFC thing that can be found on this site. Therefore I have taken the opportunity to give all the persons who say poetry is AFC a boot in the butt. Poetry IS the way for a Don Juan, Poetry IS emotional, poetry IS seductive. Womens weakness...
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    Say something like this: "Hey (name) I have something to tell you, I am telling you this only because I want you to belive that I am honest with you. Stay calm, hear me till the end. I was at this party and there was a girl who was after me all night, first I tried to leave but my friends...
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    Fifth part – Deepening the art of conversation

    diplomatic_lies: I'll look into that book. Thanks for the tip. :) Mystik: I am about to make two posts about your questions, one about poetry and storytelling, another one about how to deepen the conversation, I just have to do some live tests before I write it down. The conversation will...