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    Chest pains while running

    Since I don't have access to a gym, the last few days I've started running once every day or two. My cardio-vascular system is out of shape so I can't go for more than about 30 minutes with breaks walking in between, but I've found that what's stopping me from going for longer is that when I...
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    How much programming can I expect in engineering?

    Just wondering, because I'm a computer science major, just starting engineering as a second major, and if some of the engineering classes are going to be very programming-oriented then it would be nice to know that it won't be as hard for me as I might expect. I'm taking a design class and...
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    College Students: How I established credit

    I am by no means overly knowledgeable about money, credit, etc. I hope to be eventually, but in the meantime I am busy with other things in life. This, however, hasn't prevented me from making sure I am preparing for the future in the event that I start getting serious about it (money). This...
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    Question for the Objectivists (or just fans of Rand's work)

    If you know what I mean by the title then I shouldn't have to bother explaining to you what I'm asking when I ask about your thoughts on my question. In both Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, the main female characers, Dagny and Dominique, are each sort of meant to be ideal women, from...
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    Dreams, show yourself!

    There are a great many things I enjoy. So many things I wouldn't mind spending my time doing. In fact, right now my life is heading in the direction of doing things I don't mind doing. But that's not good enough for me. For quite some time I've developed a yearning to follow my dreams. To...
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    Stepping Down

    I post this to announce that I will no longer be serving as a moderator (although I will probably be floating around the forum here and there, as always). I have, like many before me, come to a point where this forum does not serve the same purposes for me that it has in the past. The position...
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    Buying a house -- in college?

    My grandmother recently decided to sell her house and move in with my mom, and since she's having knee surgery soon, my brother and I have been doing quite a bit of work on her house so it will be ready to sell. The real estate agent she's selling it through is a friend who's stopped by a few...
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    Distinguishing the Great

    What distinguishes the great from the small, the strong from the weak, the empowered from the hopeless? All men are born with the same characteristics; the day has yet to come where a child comes from the womb with success already behind him. But at the other end of the spectrum, some men are...
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    Developing Humor

    Few will deny the power that good humor has in conversation and socializing, so developing a good sense of humor is obviously not a bad idea. While some may feel that they will never be able to make other people laugh, I believe that they can if they go about it in the right way. I would say...
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    Does your life have substance?

    Do you believe that your life has substance? Does it feel empty? Do you feel like you're a mask without a face behind it? I'm interested in what kind of discussion this could turn out, so I encourage you to hold nothing back.
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    The meaning of life? How about "meaning," and "life"

    This is a very unguided post full of brainstorming ideas that have just coursed through my mind. I don't know if I necessarily agree with all of it, or any of it, but I think thinking about it is the important part. Take what you can take from it...
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    What is masculinity and femininity

    On of the ideas that I've applauded and kept myself aware of for a while, is the idea that we must, as pook would say, "embrace our sexuality." But one thing that I've never had a completely clear understanding of, is what the term "sexuality," in the context that pook uses at least, is meant to...
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    Entertainment/Media w/cross promotions for other things owned by the parent company

    For mass media I'm writing a paper about how huge conglomerates like news corp, GE, viacom, etc, use their products to promote eachother. For example, in "Friends," one of the characters always goes to watch a certain basketball team play. Apparently, the parent company of "Friends" owns that...
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    Concerning Masculinity

    Last night I glanced over Pook's "Feminism on Trial" post, and afterward I had a thought lingering in my mind... It's not necessarily very obvious, but it seems as though society's definition of masculinity includes a disregard for one's physical appearance. For example, a "real man" would...
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    Emotion is not bad

    *Credit to Grey Fox who spurred the thoughts that bring you this post Many of us have preached that emotion is something to be controlled. Kept under watch. That is true, but for a good reason. All of us have goals, but the question is, why? What makes us different from machines...
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    Decide what you want and learn how to learn

    Gentlemen, sometimes when I'm skimming through different posts, looking at all of the different techniques and ideologies, everything seems so jumbled and distorted. Then I remember what I'm looking for and everything becomes crystal clear. I hope to empower you to do the same. There are two...
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    The Truth About Confidence PT 2

    Confidence emerges when you are comfortable. When you're comfortable with yourself, comfortable with your environment, and comfortable with the things/people you're interacting with. How is all that attained? Get used to being in strange situations. In other words, make spontaneity, going...
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    Post your favorite sosuave quote

    In this thread, post one quote from a poster on sosuave that you live by (you can do more but don't clutter the thread please). Give the quote, poster's name, and the post (if applicable) you got it from. Let's see what we can come up with :)
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    Sand under my skin?

    Last night the different dorms on our campus played sand volleyball against eachother, so I was in the sand barefoot for about 2 hours. After a while, my feet started to hurt so I thought "no big deal, it will go away." Anyway, this morning I woke up and they hurt when I walked around, so I...
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    High school, the horror and the glory

    Well guys, it's only been about a week and a half of college for me so far, but already I've learned so much that I wish I could pass back to myself in high school 4 years ago. I hope I can do it for you, I just really hope you take it to heart. First of all, do not kid yourself. There are...