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    What i had to do to fix frame

    Keeping it short, i gave my ex another try. Everything was good, more submissive, better treatment overall. Boundaries reset, and everything under my terms now. However sexlife sucked... and she wasn't even trying in putting out. It couldnt be fixed verbally, only 2 options were to cheat, or...
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    She has a boyfriend.

    Met this hb8 through a friend, found out she has a bf bc of her profile pic. We started talking, she had problems with some sht with signing up for next period at university. Built rapport for a few days. She wanted me to come over her apt to talk school-related sht(srs), and she said her...
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    Alpha woman

    I played the right cards on this alpha hb8 i met the other day. Plenty of **** testing went on, we went on a date which lead to groping, kissing etc. She showed heavy signs of wanting sex, but i decided it would be on another ocasion. So the thing is, i went partying with buds on the weekend...
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    Ex gf sending signals?

    After 2 months of cutting contact with my ex, she posted this as a status. What does she want? Its been 9 months since the breakup. She tried reaching out on the 15th,16th,and 17th asking random bs and got one word answers and she stopped trying to reach out.
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    Ex looked for me

    First day back at medschool, i did everything to avoid running into my ex. She managed to somehow find my classroom and waited till clases ended. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and squeezed her hand and walked away without looking back. Later that day i broke NC asking "everything good? I was...
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    No contact day 24

    I have a quick question, my ex keeps making attempts to contact me for whatever reason. I broke NC a while ago and had to start over, she asked something technical about her phone and i responded briefly. 2 Days ago, she asked me if i could possibly get her a spotify account... i took it as an...
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    Chronic One-Itis for 3 years.

    Im 21 years old, so basically i met this woman 2 years ago at a friend’s party, i asked for her number and we kept contact. Her name is Karen, she is 23. We would talk every day or so, every night around 2 hours and then it increased to 5. After 2-3 months, we went on several dates. We had a...