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    Why do so many people say dating is easier for men at 28-40?

    no one said dating gets easier, its just easier to get younger women attached, but they will be too immature to be considered something serious so its just free sex.
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    How to stop being needy

    She wouldn't like me going to work as it takes time away from us Set your foot down, bro. Priorities, she isnt going to be a provider, so you gotta get your sht together and focus on whats important not her needs. You are her tied down beta now, there is no way out other than to end the...
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    What i had to do to fix frame

    You dont have to always cheat; date other women just don't have sex with them, or in the long run she will find out. You can only push things so far.
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    What i had to do to fix frame

    It worked. Has to be done right and the risk of backfire is 50%. Expect a bit of distancing and fix it. Rather take the risk than have sht sex. Also did it to create drama and make the hamster go crazy But IMO if you are to even do it, consider it your limit where your only options is to leave...
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    What i had to do to fix frame

    While this is true, it depends on many factors one of the main ones is the market value of her BF, trust me if she knows how great of a catch you are, the chances of her stepping out are minimal. Women don't cheat for variety, they cheat for unsatisfaction. You got boring, she got bored, its...
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    What i had to do to fix frame

    Very good insight, and heads up. Its been 3 months since, and we have been going to dance classes lately... Anything in regards to "needing time" for anything, ill drop her on spot. Take all the time you need. Also lately she has been suggesting i stop going clubbing once a week. heh figures...
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    What i had to do to fix frame

    Yes this is my LTR, could you elaborate on why? Also guys if you do this, you will temporarily lose your power until you establish frame again after the ****up(if you apologize) IMO you should never apologize, just admit you made a mistake. I figured someone would say this, but i didnt know any...
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    What i had to do to fix frame

    i amplified the blame on her best friend, saying that she had got me drunk, her idea was to head back to her appt, and that she had planned to **** me, because she kept asking about her. Also told her that she trashtalked her (partially did happen). So i guess thats the only reason this played...
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    What i had to do to fix frame

    Keeping it short, i gave my ex another try. Everything was good, more submissive, better treatment overall. Boundaries reset, and everything under my terms now. However sexlife sucked... and she wasn't even trying in putting out. It couldnt be fixed verbally, only 2 options were to cheat, or...
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    GF txting other men

    OP, listen to the advice. Experience speaks wisdom. Ive been on your boat too with one ex, if she doesnt do it with the guy shes talking to right now she will with someone else.
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    Did you have any big red pill awakenings?

    Was in a 1 year friendship, 2 year relationship, 1 year postbreakup beg to get over the same girl. Turned redpill and instantly started getting the better side of life.
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    She has a boyfriend.

    Found out it was a sht test to see if i would still keep gaming her. Going to put her on the back burner for a while, or setup a date next week.
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    whats the general reply to a woman who is dating other men

    ’Cool, i also have pets’
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    She has a boyfriend.

    Met this hb8 through a friend, found out she has a bf bc of her profile pic. We started talking, she had problems with some sht with signing up for next period at university. Built rapport for a few days. She wanted me to come over her apt to talk school-related sht(srs), and she said her...
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    How to respond after GF sent me this text message?

    savage but on spot. Op do this to reverse the effect.
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    Alpha woman

    I played the right cards on this alpha hb8 i met the other day. Plenty of **** testing went on, we went on a date which lead to groping, kissing etc. She showed heavy signs of wanting sex, but i decided it would be on another ocasion. So the thing is, i went partying with buds on the weekend...
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    Ex gf sending signals?

    After 2 months of cutting contact with my ex, she posted this as a status. What does she want? Its been 9 months since the breakup. She tried reaching out on the 15th,16th,and 17th asking random bs and got one word answers and she stopped trying to reach out.
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    Girlfriend dumped me "I need to focus on school, I rushed into this relationship"

    OP cant be a troll, im in the exact same situation and at the same point he is right now.
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    Ex looked for me

    Basically, she ended the relationship because she said there wasnt enough attraction, and that she wanted to focus on herself and etc etc bs, but as soon as i back off a little, she keeps looking for me like she wants me to just be there...ive gone NC for 2 months twice during the 8 month period...
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    Ex looked for me

    First day back at medschool, i did everything to avoid running into my ex. She managed to somehow find my classroom and waited till clases ended. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and squeezed her hand and walked away without looking back. Later that day i broke NC asking "everything good? I was...