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    Some "Test" that women have pulled to test for relationship material.

    Part 1: First off, don't use the word scrumptious. Only girls say silly things like that and your not a girl. If she strikes up a convo with you and asks for a piece of cake just say "no thanks" don't want to take her food. At this point she probably didnt introduce herself, so you...
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    A weird trend among girls I have been dating.

    Women answer from their emotions, not by what is correct.
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    girl im dating tells me shes making me wait for sex???

    Don't let her make you wait on sex. The ENTIRE time shes making you wait for sex, shes thinking of reasons to leave you, so you always have a potential lost. After you have sex with a girl she thinks of reasons to keep you because otherwise she would be a *****. My advice is to leave her...
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    The outcome (three threads later)

    Tamale, Why do you feel so threatened by tamales telling the truth about women? Please stop posting. You act like you have all these guys sumed up....just TRY to think please. And once you start thinking, try really hard to keep thinking. Otherwise, you should leave. Also, being angry...
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    She told me I could date other chic's?

    From what I see, you should start dating other people and keep screwing her. She said you could. If she ends up saying something like "SO I guess you dont care about me", you can say "Well, I didn't think you cared about me since you said i could start dating other people". If you really...
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    DJ observations, how could this happen?

    If a woman is faced with several quality DJ suitors and an AFC suitor, she will choose the AFC. So this statement could be correct. BUT, if a woman is faced with many AFC suitors and one DJ suitor, then she will choose the DJ. Women want to deviate in a way. They want to get that special...
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    When a girl says this, what would you say?

    Don't talk to girls your interested in on the internet. Never IM them either. Well...unless you just want to be their "friend".
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    She keeps blurting out "We're such good friends"

    *sigh* The reason she is saying this is because she is interested in you, but she doesn't want to fall for you. By her saying that line above, she temporary makes you look like an AFC, which helps her lose interest in you at that moment. She says it often because you keep making her...
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    Being romantic AND a DJ?

    Well you can be a DJ. Then you can go out of your way to buy her flowers, see her crappy "romantic" movie, etc. Women want you to go out of your way to do romantics thing for them every now and then. They want to nag you...You have to be a man and then do those crappy things every now and...
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    Pay or not pay for dinner date

    They aren't more independent, they just act like it. Really, they are dependent. Women will always be dependent on a man. If the woman offers to pay, you should pay. If she expects you to pay, and shes not worth it, don't pay. I think most women are worth it though. If shes not, THEN...
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    Pay or not pay for dinner date

    You should carefully make a decision if she is worth it to pay for. If not, don't pay. If so, pay. And never tell her if you are paying or not, unless she asks.
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    DJ Tips From a Women Played !

    You have to keep your wit when talking to women. That is the #1 thing. You gotta think logically and decisively all times. You are Vito Corleone... Tamales, the idea that there are a lot of wimpy men is wrong. Women's intuition and inability to think logically are to blame for that idea...
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    Women are simple

    - Sums up everything about females and their actions. It's the basis for most women's problems.
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    Feminism on Trial!

    Probably does drugs ;)