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  1. Kotaix

    Personality disorders

    Are you a masochist or something? She is damaged goods and probably BPD which is the hallmark of great sex coupled with otherwise absolute insanity. Next time she gets pregnant she might withhold pregnancy information until after the baby is born just to spite you and fvck you over. You dodged...
  2. Kotaix

    So mobs of 'teens' are out beating people again, this time in Minneapolis....

    I grew up in chile during the dictatorship of pinochet, just so you get more of where I'm coming from... I think that it was a good thing for the country to have had him in the end, given when that motherfvcker allende was doing to his own people. The only reason that country is doing ok is...
  3. Kotaix

    So mobs of 'teens' are out beating people again, this time in Minneapolis....

    The latinx movement is what I'm talking about todos/todas replaced with todxs. You even see it in the states. As far as I'm concerned, the military has the duty to refuse to attack their own brethren at the behest of the govenrment. Anyone tyrannical and EVIL enough to order such a strike...
  4. Kotaix

    So mobs of 'teens' are out beating people again, this time in Minneapolis....

    You're not wrong, but this time it's different. This movement is worldwide. It seems to have died down, but the nutjobs in latin america have been pushing to modify the language to get rid of all gendered speak, when the entire fvcking language is built around gender. Thankfully the spanish...
  5. Kotaix

    So mobs of 'teens' are out beating people again, this time in Minneapolis....

    I feel the tide already starting to turn on this. The far left have officially left the realm of sanity and so far they've shown to be incapable of the kind of collective self-reflection that would allow them to stop themselves going into further retardation. Unfortunately for Europe, I think...
  6. Kotaix

    Is she in to me or just seeking for another beta male orbiter?

    She's into you, imo. But make a move soon.
  7. Kotaix

    New girl is great but

    If she doesn't like it, show her the door. If you were a basement dwelling unemployed neckbeard she wouldn't have gone anywhere near you.
  8. Kotaix

    Why do Americans circumcize their shlongs ?

    I don't know why it started, however at this point it's just the way things are done, social inertia. If anything it's just one of those conformity things. "Let's circumcise the boy's penis so the other boys don't pick on him in gym class"
  9. Kotaix

    Brazil tips for entrepreneurs?

    That is true everywhere, you can't escape it. I don't know how well you're going to do with getting a visa without an already established and profitable company that those countries can evaluate, otherwise you need to get a job first and open a business later.
  10. Kotaix

    Brazil tips for entrepreneurs?

    I can't speak for brazil personally, but I can speak for latin america. The latin american mentality is very much "how far can I push the law before it bites me" because of the high taxes. And who you know is almost more valuable than what you know half the time. There are also massive income...
  11. Kotaix

    women starts crying laughing

    This is fascinating, talk about suggestion being effective. This also explains how Charlie Manson was able to get others to murder for him. Something I've known for a while now is that a lot of "opposite emotions" really aren't opposites at all, they are just one emotion. utter fear and utter...
  12. Kotaix

    Would you date someone with an eating disorder (ED)?

    Eating disorders are indications of deep psychological problems and insecurities that a person has allowed to go unadddressed to the point they're sick. I've known people with them who will lie compulsively to everyone in order to continue with their disorder instead of facing the fact that they...
  13. Kotaix

    The signs from the start

    I forgot to add: Read "The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning Behind People's Gestures and Expressions by Barbara Pease and Allan Pease
  14. Kotaix

    The signs from the start

    body language is extremely useful to know just in general, not just with women. We pick up on it subconsciously, but learning to see it consciously is a superpower, you can tell when people are lying and when they're attracted to you. Not only that, but body language is generally universal, you...
  15. Kotaix

    What turns you off about women physically?

    Turnoffs: -any kind of piercing outside of regular studs on the ear, I can tolerate a nose piercing with a tiny stud; otherwise, gross. Any kind of body mutilation is gross. -smell: there are some women who have a scent about them that immediately turns me off, I work with at least two of them...
  16. Kotaix

    35 and I've Finally Hit Rockbottom in Dating

    The problem with OLD is that it's full of people who go online. You need to find women in the real world who engage with reality, not some fantasy land inhabitant. Social media is nitro fuel for the ego, look for women without big egos.
  17. Kotaix

    Meditation = SEX & POWER

    You're on to something here. Meditation, when done properly is an amazing tool, even a small amount of it will bring much needed clarity. But meditation isn't a means to anything, you shouldn't do it for the power and the women that it might bring you because intent ruins the exercize, the...
  18. Kotaix

    How to interact with a woman who rejected you?

    The key is to not care that she rejected you. Let it go, there are plenty of other women out there. This means don't give her any attention beyond work interactions, and be professional when you do, you can even be nice to her. But don't hang out with her after work and don't pursue her at all.
  19. Kotaix

    Blondes vs brunettes, do you do better with one than the other?

    I've had luck with both, but there just aren't that many blondes out there. So statistically I have less luck with blondes
  20. Kotaix

    Why women want to look such nasty and masculine?

    It's just women doing what they do best: suscribing to groupthink and trying to fit in, thinking that they're going to get praise for doing it. And they do, but only from their fellow cultists. Feminism turns women into disgusting harpies, they'll regret it when they realize they've wasted...