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  1. backseatjuan

    Got caught on bumble by my girl

    You're one sick mother f'r
  2. backseatjuan

    Shrapnel from 1942

    This is from german plain that bombed these places back in 1942 - 1943 not later. Germans never come here, front was 80 km away, they got stopped there by brave men. But it was war here as well, planes were flying, bombing targets. This is shrapnel from one of those bombs. Back during the war...
  3. backseatjuan

    Should I Dump Her?

    One of these days you know you will want to merry sasha gray.
  4. backseatjuan

    Hint hint

    This one won’t go anywhere exciting. She works and then sleeps with her son.
  5. backseatjuan

    Asking Girls Out in a Social Way

    Chicks know if they can fck with a guy in first minute of interaction, then it’s a matter of not fing it up. So yea, I think he’s afraid of one on one with them, it worked less for him in the past.
  6. backseatjuan

    Told my girl about my family. She ghosted...

    You went beta she ghosted, cuz she knows she can do better than you. They don’t ghost unless they have other stuff going for them, so it’s natural to assume your 60 to 70% interest level girl already had a guy in her life. Stop being a beta from this point on, or you won’t have a hope for...
  7. backseatjuan

    Asking Girls Out in a Social Way

    I think he’s shy with women one on one.
  8. backseatjuan

    Should I Dump Her?

    In and out no ting yang. Like how often do you see her per week? How much time do you take between dates and meets or is it and on going daily affair? Is she pushing for relationship? Is she witholding sex?
  9. backseatjuan

    Fvking with afc’s

    The reason I even asked this question is that I realized recently from my interactions with women that not all of them want an alpha, some of them are actually looking for a weak man.
  10. backseatjuan

    Ha. Girl goes from super interested to (essentially) ghosting

    You made a mistake in your texting. It's one of those mistakes that guys make, when conversation goes this positive, even 1% of what you describe, there is flirting, it's time to escalate and ask her out. You didn't, she told you exactly what she feels about you right now - Her: Hey sorry you...
  11. backseatjuan

    Why do I care that my fwb is sleeping w other dudes?

    Isn't it a correct assumption that women that you dating are dating other men and sleeping with other man? In other words, I met a girl today, we had a date, I can guarantee she is having dates with other dudes, I had another date with her, we fcked, I can guarantee you she is fcking with other...
  12. backseatjuan

    Trolled by yet another woman lol

    Stop stop.... I remember posts by OP from sometime ago, now I remember his name. He actually does this often. He posts sht like that, and then tells people how it all went the other direction. So sht he posted about already played out he just trolling us. thiis is a TROLL guys... I just add...
  13. backseatjuan

    Trolled by yet another woman lol

    Well don't you see how it was a beta test that you failed. You took her number yesterday, and you messaged her today. That's hungry. Try messaging a week later, two weeks later, well at least 4 days later, damn.
  14. backseatjuan

    anyone elsse has this weird itching feeling (in penis) after you

    What? Lol! No. I'm just saying there has to be a cause for your prostate discomfort.
  15. backseatjuan

    anyone elsse has this weird itching feeling (in penis) after you

    Probably caused by dck entering your ass
  16. backseatjuan

    What turns you off about women physically?

    I love sexy hair and you g age. Some time ago, circa 2015 or something like that, I had a crazy high interest girl versus anormal interest, 80%+ vs 70% with a kid. Wellthis dumb ass chose low il girl. Asyou canguess it went nowhere. But that crazy interest girl had bad hair and bad breath, it...
  17. backseatjuan

    anyone elsse has this weird itching feeling (in penis) after you

    Doctor hand stick into you ass check
  18. backseatjuan

    Drinks this weekend. Tips for a fella?

    Bra, now gonna read the rest. First reaction to this, rebound. Let’s read more. Now this one looks like lost btch with issues. Last time I took number one of this btches, ready to go home and hit her up, but then after she told me str8 up she don’t see anything between us, I deleted her number...
  19. backseatjuan

    Fvking with afc’s

    I’m aware of at least one woman on sosuave with game who uses game to get with nice guys. Well if love it is that these women desire, and her interest to an average guy can only be 70%, then wtf is it all about? Please someone shed some light on this phenomena. Maybe @Spaz or @logicallefty...