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    for all you google lovers

    Actually Google is funded by the KGB. Want to know how I know? KGB is actually a reference for Google. If you take away the "K" and the "B", then add a "oogle", you get Google! Oh my god, I've uncovered a neo-Soviet conspiracy to re-build communism!
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    Losing faith in humanity

    I disagree. First, money can't be evil because it's an inanimate object. Second, there is no such thing as universal "evil", because good/evil are different to everyone. One man's evil is another man's good. I've noticed whenever you introduce something important - money, power, sex - people...
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    300 - The Movie

    When I saw this movie, I asked...Where's the plot? Seriously. War movies without plots belong to the 30s. If I wanted to see a computer animated hackfest, I'd go play a video game. And don't say war movies can't have plots. Some of the most famous war movies have excellent plots.
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    A Job you were to smart for

    Memorise this phrase. You'll be using it a lot.
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    What would you do if you suspect your GF is/was a hor?

    I don't agree with you guys. Nobody should stay with a slvt just for the sex. Like DJSlvt said (ironic name), your girlfriend is a reflection on yourself. I would dump her immediately, without a second thought. (Unless you're incredibly desperate for sex?)
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    New Survey : 81% Of UK Men Feel Society Is Trying To Feminise Them

    ^^^^ Well that is a little harsh, I think, to say women can't achieve anything. That's like saying all jews are incapable of honesty, or all blacks are criminals. At the end of the day, I actually agree with Drum&Bass. I can cook my own damned food, clean my own dishes, and I hate...
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    Tips on Social Progress: A Discussion Topic

    Unless you become dictator of the universe, there will ALWAYS be someone better than you.
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    Speaks for itself

    Whatever makes you happy.
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    A Job you were to smart for

    I believe true intelligence is the ability to adapt and take advantage of any situation. Someone who is book-smart has limited intelligence. After all, some of the greatest inventors in the world were not just inventors, they also possessed common sense, social skills, negotiation...
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    Maury is a fvkin disgusting she-bytch

    DarthJuan, I agree with you. Television (and media) has caught a disease. I call this disease "freedom". Too many media companies are given the freedom to do whatever they like. The government must take control. All media must be owned by the government. There was once a time when the...
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    A Job you were to smart for

    Many people like to think of themselves as "smart". They have the book knowledge - they can recite the entire bible in Latin. They have a fancy PhD and MBA hanging on their walls. But are they really smart? A computer could also recite the bible in Latin. It can calculate pi to one billion...
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    Does Size Matter?

    Well if you have an abnormally tiny schlong, you could always turn the lights off...
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    is cold sarging a normal everyday thing?

    The average guy has 2.1 kids, lives in a 3 bedroom suburban house, drives 2 cars, marries at 30, and spends their whole life wondering "What if?". Do you want to be an average guy? (And no, cold approaches aren't done by most people.)
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    HB Morgage broker offering sex for referrals - or was she really joking?

    I'd take the money over sex anytime. Money is way harder to get than sex. In fact, I don't even like perks. I'd take a payrise over perks anytime.
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    New Survey : 81% Of UK Men Feel Society Is Trying To Feminise Them

    The original spelling is feminise with an "S". Its only Americans who use the "Z".
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    My english roughdraft! check it out v.fatpeoplezzz

    The problem with that essay is there is no focal point. You're talking about obesity, but you are veering off track all the time. You need to establish a few points to focus on, and write the essay around those points. "Obesity" is not a point. You need to be more specific. Are you saying...
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    Evil, Evil Little Girls

    Man, talk about a NAMBLA magnet...
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    New Survey : 81% Of UK Men Feel Society Is Trying To Feminise Them

    Actually that's not entirely true. Medieval Europe often saw peasant women working alongside their husbands. Women also raised children, but usually by about 5-6 the kids would be hard at work too. Older children were also given responsibilities to raise their younger siblings. The solution...
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    Is that the only reason you're doing it?
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    Cat Food Poisoning > Solomon Tsunami

    More than 12 people die every hour in car accidents around the world.