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    Girl i am dating says she likes surprises

    Should I bite and surprise her with something? If so, any suggestions?
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    psychologists tell me i wont have a happy relationship?

    Well a few years ago i had been seeing a couple of psychologists because of anxiety problems caused by my mom who was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder. I saw them both independently and neither of them knew each other at all. But they both told me "Your lucky that your a normal...
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    So I had a prophetic dream last night!

    First a briefing to understand the dream. Girl1 is this girl i have been somewhat hooking up with but she is fairly shady and is somewhat of an attention *****. I would like to date her long term but i dont think thats an option. Girl 2 is a girl that i went out with once and she kissed me...
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    After years of 0 problems I thought I was finally immune to oneitis

    So back in my really really bad AFC days before i found this site I would get oneitis with chicks i never hooked up with, you know the usual AFC story. I found this site and everything changed. I became more confident, got involved in self improving hobbies, didnt care about rejection, dated...
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    Involved in a "nice guy finish last story" (i am not the nice guy)

    So I went up to the lake with three of my guy friends and one girl who i never met before (shes probably a 7-8 our of 10). the guy that brought the girl has LOTS of friends that are girls but he never ever ever gets with any of them cause he is too shy. He will sleep in the same beds as them...
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    FR: I just had a date with a girl i met on Myspace

    I saw the other post about how to get girls off myspace. Well I had a date with one last night. I will tell you what led up to it. Back in Oct or so I was looking through girl's profiles. I found hers and what made me send a message is she didnt seem like the typical fake girl on myspace...
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    Anyone have experience with starting an internet business

    I have got somes ideas that I think would translate well into an internet based business. However, I dont even know where to start. I am completely retarded in the area of creating a website. Where should I start looking? ARe there any books I can read about internet business. Anyone have...
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    Well guys I am finally selling my imaginary friend on ebay (link inside)

    I am sure going to miss Malcolm Iglesias III :(
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    Some real DJ's in action (vid)

    Check these pimps out. Look how impressed the girl is at the end of the video :o :crackup:
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    I had it in the bag wtf happened??

    Ok so I went on my third date with this girl tonight. It was more of a pseudo date because she invited me over to her house for some youth group thing she was hosting. Well she had been showing great signs with lots of kino etc. So tonight I hang around after everyone leaves and we end up in...
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    Just read Rich Dad Poor Dad, got a question.

    I wanted to know from the people that did not like the book what was it about the book you didnt like or thought was bad advice.
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    FR I f*cked up again

    I had a first date with an American born Asian HB 7. (first time for me to date a minority). Well during dinner she was giving out buying signals. We were flirting some and both of us were using kino. I took her back to her place and said I will walk you to the door. So we get out and...
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    need a good message to leave on phone

    I am going to call up this chick tonight to ask her on a date. If she doesnt answer her phone I want to leave like a funny and or suave message. Any ideas?
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    muay thai

    I keep hearing that this is one of the best martial arts to take for self defense in real life situations. I have done a little research and I am thinking about taking it. If anyone here is involved what is it like? For example, as a beginner what would I be doing during my lessons...
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    I need Bjerte and Snits updates!

    Bjerte the crazy Icelander left us hanging in his thread. I must know if Kjell's balls are permanently destroyed, or if you ended up hitting kjell in skull with crow bar to make him stop to move anymore? :D Also, did Snits take Bjerte back? Please Bjerte, update your thread! I dont want...
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    so close, need ideas for closing

    Well i met this chick at my friends house who both live in another city about an hour and a half away. We hit it off pretty good but i thought she was dating one of my friend's friends so i didnt try very hard. Turns out she is single. We have each others im's and emails because of the...
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    I let a perfect opportunity slip

    Last night I was at this bar that was basically completely empty except for me and two of my friends. I am about 10 feet from the large windows and entry door. Well this girl probably about an HB 8 walks right up to the door, makes eye contact with me and waves. In my head i am thinking she...
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    FR: Last night part 1

    Ok there is a part two to this story that involves my afc friend who always hooks up with hot girls. See my afc friend always hooks up with hot girls now he has a hooters girl. Last night 2 of my friends and I decide to go to Chilis for dinner. Our waitress is an HB 7. She immediately...
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    need a c/f line here

    background: I am on the facebook which is basically a site with 1000's of college students on it. you have to have a college email address to even post on there. Basically you put up a pic of yourself and a profile and you can search for people. you can even search by all the people who went...
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    tu pac barny (possible repost)

    I have never seen this before and I thought it was funny