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    Opportunity at work

    Update Still not 100% sure. On one side think I want to stay where I currently am. I get more free time which I can use effectively and translate in a monetary equivalent which surpasses the money ‘lost’ on not taking the opportunity. On the other side due to the uncertainty of the company...
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    Opportunity at work

    - bonus for coming in when someone is sick (50 euro per shift) - working extra hours (currently happens a lot, accounts for an average of 2,5k every 3 months but will diminish as more people are employed), no need to say that free time is basically non existant - bonus for being on standby (50...
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    Opportunity at work

    I currently have a great job with a great pay, but there’s an opportunity which would make me gain about 6k extra per year after tax (and probably more due to reasons explained below). This opportunity involves a training of about a year, but then I would work in a place where the current...
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    Don’t hang with fvck ups

    What do you do when most of your friends are these kind of people? They're not **** ups, they have an average job, but they just go to the same boring places in the weekend, drink some beers and go home again. The conversations are always utterly negative and the same subjects (gaming, why is...
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    Starting a bar

    I can not get the thought of this out of my head. Some points to clarify: I live in a rural part, so at first I would start with a sort of pop-up summerbar in my spare time just to check viability and my own capacities. Perhaps I'm a bit too harsh on myself on the introvert part, I'm not a...
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    Starting a bar

    My social skills are really terrible. Striving everyday to improve it, but after 90% of the social encounters I feel horrible. The other 10% is with family, some colleagues or people I just don't care about. Now my dream is to start a bar, because I love the social aspect, the managing, the...
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    Middle spot between nice guy and jerk

    How does one achieve this? I notice I’m becoming more of a jerk than one who is still nice, but doesn’t let people ‘use’ me. I’m an #ss in traffic to drivers who do the slightest thing wrong. At work I’m an #ss to customers who don’t do what they need to do, fun fact is that in my kind of work...
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    Can't figure out why I act this way

    Unfortunately not a troll. And yeah it is extreme but sometimes it works, I’ve had some gone crazy about it, mainly the ones with high IL. But I do it for the wrong reasons, and I don't know how to get rid of it. Well probably have more plates, but yeah, that's where the problem lies.
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    Can't figure out why I act this way

    Girl at work, not romantically interested but wouldn't say no if she wanted to f***. So I try out new things on her, just as a test. But every single time when there is a girl who I get involved with, even if it's just a 'testsubject' sort to speak, there will be a day I feel the need to ignore...
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    Raised by only mother since 12 years old

    This is how my mind works: everywhere I read that people can change, that they can become a Don Juan, but the only thing that currently sticks is the first post from Chi Town in this thread, that I'm basically doomed. I don't mind working for something, but I have to know it pays off. I've been...
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    Raised by only mother since 12 years old

    Before this thread goes on about the funny stuff, I'm not looking to be the comedian. I have days where I can make people laugh, they're of course not that often. But it's not my goal. What I want is to be confident and charming and I believe the rest of it will fall into place. But as a nice...
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    Raised by only mother since 12 years old

    My dad died when I was 12, so since then I was raised by only my mother which currently makes me a typical nice guy. I hate conflict, am shy, try to be good to everyone so they would like me, barely talk to my own family as I think that they wouldn't like me if I act like I want... and as you...
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    Colleague called me too nice

    Had a conversation with a colleague which was about women and if I had a girlfriend. I currently don't and she said it's probably because I'm too nice. Well I've been raised by only my mom since I was twelve because of the death of my father. Also a very hard break-up when I was 21 probably has...
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    Going on a trip alone

    With my current work I get a decent amount of vacation. Unfortunately I need to take some of that vacation whenever my friends stil have to work. So about 4-5 weeks a year I just sit at home doing nothing, which frustrates me, but it still strikes me as odd or scares me a bit to go on a trip...
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    What's that need for people to support their country in the world cup

    Why do people do this? You see houses, cars, clothes decorated in the colors of the country's flag. Is it just the need to feel part of something? To hope their country does good so they feel better about themselves?
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    Starting a bar without good social skills?

    My dream has always to start a bar, not just any bar where the local drunks come every night. A nice setting at a nice location etc, got the plan all worked out. The problem is I don't have good social skills, don't put me alone with someone because conversation would be akward. If there are...
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    New friends

    My current friends, well they’re not really friends, but we hang out together because we have no one else. My personality compared to them is completely different, from music taste to interests. I had great times with them, but now I’m embarrassed to be seen with them. I’m not that great...
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    Earn a lot of money

    Do you mean cryptocurrency? If so, any promising coins besides BTC? I do have the feeling I missed that boat though and stuff like that is not made for me, those newsreports that it's going to crash and the other it's going to rise. My emotional status is not good for that...
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    Earn a lot of money

    I'm currently employed at a company where I make twice the average of my country per month. I don't have any diplomas that are really worth anything besides a bachelor in law (so I can be an assistant to a lawyer or something like that). I got this diploma at the age of 21, and by then I didn't...
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    Cloth size and cutting

    Hi all I've gained a lot of weight with my recent bulk cycle. But I've never really had a cut cycle in the 4 years of going to the gym. Problem is I need new clothes as my current ones are getting too small because of the bulking. But if I would start cutting shortly, can I expect that my...