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  1. Visionist

    How men treat women they find unattractive

    I boarded a train once and a cute looking girl was sat in an otherwise empty carriage. I went direct, asking her name, and she's like "why?" I responded "cos' you're pretty!" and she did the horrified eye roll towards the window with the "WHAT THE FŪCK GET AWAY FROM ME FREAK" expression...
  2. Visionist

    FWB Always Backfires? Enjoy It While It Lasts

    My first kiss/fūck was one of these Sex & The City watching sloots. And yes, she was from work. We fūcked on the first and second date and that was it, she'd already monkey branched to some other guy waiting in the wings. Whole thing lasted a week. Lucky as I was severely inexperienced and...
  3. Visionist

    How men treat women they find unattractive

    I saw a video where a HB8/9 directly approached guys asking for a date. Every single guy turned her down, despite her looks. However, they all did so gently. Men aren't turned down gently, or even directly.
  4. Visionist

    article: America facing shortage of 'economically attractive' unmarried men, study says

    Men have a high emotional pain threshold, and a low physical pain threshold. I curse six degrees of blue murder if I stub my toe, but when my dad died, I only cried once, briefly. Women are the opposite. They cry if they break their nail, they cry if the zoo is closed, they cry if they're...
  5. Visionist

    Ha. Girl goes from super interested to (essentially) ghosting

    I remember coming back home empty handed from being flaked on one evening (always have a plan B), and suddenly some random American chick starts sexting me on FB. You see here's the thing; it's all virtual. I played along and made it an "I'm more depraved than you" game because online is all...
  6. Visionist

    Told my girl about my family. She ghosted...

    It could have been an ex of hers who came back into her life; don't assume it was definitely your family history. This is why it's important to stay aloof, but it's hard when you like a girl for more than her looks. Still gotta be aloof. Frankly her eagerness to play BF/GF at first is a red...
  7. Visionist

    Hint hint

    It's a lot easier if she's from a different department.
  8. Visionist

    Ha. Girl goes from super interested to (essentially) ghosting

    There's nothing like the feeling of meeting a woman in the real world, whilst just out & about being awesome and doing your sh!t. I won't make any friends saying this, but delete your Tinder and all other OLD and spend that free time visiting someplace new. I know you don't have time to just...
  9. Visionist

    What part of NYC has the hottest women?

    I got nothing to add except I'm bookmarking this thread for research purposes. NYC is my obsession. Nearly spent a month there two years ago, hadda' cancel because of double dip cancer, lost a fortune, and went obese out of depression. I'll be back.
  10. Visionist

    Drinks this weekend. Tips for a fella?

    Did you shoot her down a bit when she acted all high and mighty? I've been watching AMS (very addictive) and he instructs to avoid giving any validation at all, any compliments, even if she's fishing for them ("Do you like this dress on me?" you respond "it's made of great material" and never...
  11. Visionist

    What turns you off about women physically?

    Fake boobs in general, "bolt ons". They look terrible and feel horrible.
  12. Visionist

    Drinks this weekend. Tips for a fella?

    I feel you (pun unintended) on the weird kino. I've been burned by many an attention whôre who threw out signals and then withdraw it all. We aren't supposed to give a $hit what she says, does or thinks, and go for her mouth anyways, but it's easier said than done. Ignore her for at least two...
  13. Visionist

    Text rapport VS asking out

    IT 2 started out pretty good but by the time the Chinese restaurant scene was over I was thinking "ah... this is one of those sequels..." I was right. 6/10 to be generous. First film was a 6.5
  14. Visionist

    Text rapport VS asking out

    So yesterday I brought this little footnote to a close by telling her I would be in her city "to treat myself to something" today and that if she was around, she would meet me at such & such bar this late afternoon. I was planning on having her tag along whilst I went to buy my first bottle of...
  15. Visionist

    Why women want to look such nasty and masculine?

    My tattoos aren't small but they aren't easily visible and they aren't anything well known or popular. So many guys are completely against any tattoos on a chick, but I find them hot, maybe because my mother raised me and she hates them with a passion, being a staunch Roman Catholic goody two...
  16. Visionist

    Should I bother with University professor?

    How important is the course you're taking to you? If it isn't that important, be still aware of metoo and all the other bullsh!t that's trendy now. It's obviously a bad idea. But if you gotta smash you gotta smash I guess. Nobody can stop you.
  17. Visionist

    Am I being a chode?

    BRO JUST NEXT HER. Classic oneitis to me.
  18. Visionist

    What do you spend your money on?

    I'd plan a lavish road trip overseas visiting different theme parks with business class flights there & back, and rent something unnecessarily fast and impractical to drive on Turo. Queue skip passes every park, every day.
  19. Visionist

    74 year old cuck marries his 21 year old cheating girlfriend.

    I wouldn't normally post anything from that arse rag The Sun, but in the immortal words of Denzel Washington; "It's all bullsh!t, but it's very entertaining bullsh!t" Now imagine if a 21 year old boy toy married his 74 year old sugarmomma.