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    Your Uncle Atom is Engaged

    Congrats bro, she sounds awesome
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    I acted like her gay friend on the date

    Live and learn bro. Try to pull her home early if you can do it. She will like ypu so much more for it
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    Game Guide by HB Rating: Specific Strategies!

    Also they can be the sweetest girls on the planet if you can just keep your cool. Took me forever to learn to just be ****in cool about looks.
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    Game Guide by HB Rating: Specific Strategies!

    Your right about the model 10's. One of my plates is an international model and she pretty much hangs out with models, photographers (good ones), producers, agents etc. I remember plenty of times we are talking about someone amd she goes out of her way to point out "Oh babe, she's just a normal...
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    I really miss the RSDnation forums

    RSD was full of **** since day one. Tyler was and had always been something of a con man with a mouth piece much more then a real seducer.
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    Where to go with my Approach from here?

    I made the mistake of un structured game for years. I have come full circle. I see all these supposed gurus out there they basically do the same thing...try to dhv in some way, flirt, then get comfort with the girl after she had hooked. Honestly bro you can get really good with Mysfery Method...
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    Offered WhatsApp instead of cell

    Yup I remember hearing "Line" before
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    Getting back into dating - good App?

    Best app is cold approach pick up
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    Offered WhatsApp instead of cell

    I love whats app. Can do short voice clips, foreign girls are free text / calls and video chat. My favorite but Asian girls use a different one
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    So I reached out to most of the girls I met on Instagram. 1 got back after a while. Will get back to her tonight. Pretty cute girl, def a 1 from zero to 1. I think I asked her about her travels. Daygame: Approach 1: chatted up the waitress at the restaurant I was at. She was a little chubby...
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    Do you find these girls attractive?

    Kayla, Shayna and Dianne are very cute
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    video: Why Approaching Women in Public is Pointless

    all butt hurt because of one flake...... sad
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    So I did not practice any stories really, and it did hurt me a lot when I went out. But I did meet some really amazing women anyway. Approach 1 - Really she approached me. Cute girl from Seattle / came back home to where I live. We were watching a band that was doing like acoustic hip hop. I...
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    How do you personally open and transition afterwards in bars and pubs?

    You need to learn to stack right after the open and start telling stories with IOI's in them. Then after a bit if she is feeling you enough she can hook. I was out last night and must have approached like 15 girls over the night. I drank too much which was lame, BUT out of 15, 5 that I really...
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    Going to practice some stories ready for a night out friday. Last week had some fun times with some boys I know who are into gaming. Sang some karaoke at the start of the night. Loosened up had a couple drinks. Flirted with the waitress a bit. Didn't close anything. We went to a popular...
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    Not all girls **** test...

    I don't believe that. A lot of the time if they test you they aren't sure about you amd want to see what you are made of. It's almost an IOI if they do
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    Approaching model chicks

    I deal with models all the time. It is in your best interest to not even bring up her looks, or her modeling and tease her, have fun, be chill just like any other girl. She needs to see you as the prize like any other girl should.
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    Ok couple thongs I wanted to add. Did a beauty shoot at my place, had a girl that flew in to shoot, lets call her A. Also had 2 other girls shooting at my place and makeup artist, her assistant and my bts video / player friend. Picked up model 1 from airport, really reallyhot girl from Alaska...
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    Thanks Stoic, hope your journey goes well man.
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    Yuppaz Field Reports of Trials and Tribulations

    Forgot to update from last weekend. Went out with some guys to an Art event. Set 1: tried a situational opener with some cute chick in an art gallery. She wasn't having it at all. Nothing there. Set 2: Opened this one super cute girl after she was checking me out. Nothing really...