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  1. taiyuu_otoko

    Told my girl about my family. She ghosted...

    This is what happened. First, saw that you had family in prison. Second she thought about all her friends, family, finding out about her dating a guy with family in prison. That was way too terrifying to her, so she bolted. Something like this you need to pre-frame early. Think of putting...
  2. taiyuu_otoko

    Books on Socializing

    That's the only book you need. Get out and get a couple months of practice. Then re-read it. Then get out and get a couple more months practice. Then re-read it. This cycle will teach more than any collection of books you could ever read in one lifetime. Stay away from YouTube, it tricks...
  3. taiyuu_otoko

    Would you date someone with an eating disorder (ED)?

    Disorders (so long as they are valid) are very hard to get over, even with drugs and therapy. Did you know about the disorder when you started dating her? Kind of thing you want to DQ early on. Eating, drugs, booze, debt, excessive (or any) tats, etc.
  4. taiyuu_otoko

    The vortex

    You realize those two statements contradict each other. right? New girls are 18 every day = no rush, always new stuff Strike while the iron is hot = this situation won't last long Also consider that one man's red pill is another man's blue pill. Getting pvssy is nice, but eventually some...
  5. taiyuu_otoko

    Is nature just cruel?

    Which direction? 100 men for 100 women? 100 men for 1 women?
  6. taiyuu_otoko

    Is nature just cruel?

    Mother Nature is like that fish that has 100's of babies and then eats half of them. Too slow to not get eaten by mommy? You don't deserve to live. Nature is cruel as fvck. Nature wants 100 men to compete for 10 women. The ones who are the most vicious and cruel get their sperm into the next...
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    Bang Bros Arena

    BangBros Submitted $10 Million Naming Rights Bid for Miami Heat Arena Things are changing in Miami and apparently BangBros wants in. American Airlines' naming rights deal over the Miami Heat arena will expire at the end of this year. Yet, the company announced on Thursday that it doesn't plan...
  8. taiyuu_otoko

    advice column question: I Can’t Decide Which of the Guys I’m Dating Is a Better “Investment”

    This is a common symptom of our modern, dying society. People tend to like short term pleasure without worrying about long term consequences. Structurally, girls going after a tatted up biker dude is not much different than eating fast food. Feels good now, who cares what happens later? The...
  9. taiyuu_otoko

    This shyt exists at every level

    Dudes with mad status are like super hot girls. Good to start with, but you actually have to carry on a conversation and demonstrate a bunch of social skills. The idea that a dude is famous therefore he gets high quality woman is false. Plenty of dudes would bang a hottie once or twice, but...
  10. taiyuu_otoko

    No one is born gay

    I don't think it's true that gay genes would be weeded out by evolution, for plenty of reasons. But what I read is that gayness is a combination of two factors. One is the gay gene, and two is the lack of testosterone given in the womb. You need both to be gay. Plenty (most really) of our...
  11. taiyuu_otoko

    Cute chinese girl.

    This is why most of the 7 billion people alive today are unplanned. Boy meets girl. Girls smiles at boy. Boy gets boner. Boy thinks, "Hey, I think this is really going to work out!"
  12. taiyuu_otoko

    Man Reportedly Travels 1500 Miles to Surprise Girlfriend, Finds Her With Another Man

    lol him and about ten other dudes. Page's business strategy seems to have been to steal songs, and hopefully make enough money to pay off the lawsuits and still stay ahead. Kind of a win-win when you think about it. Everybody ends up making more money in the long run.
  13. taiyuu_otoko

    It's time to come clean and say the playboy life is not possible for men after 30.

    You're absolutely correct. I recommend you join the nearest sewing circle where you can be yourself.
  14. taiyuu_otoko

    Man Reportedly Travels 1500 Miles to Surprise Girlfriend, Finds Her With Another Man

    I should have quit you long time ago Ohh yeah, long time ago I wouldn't be here, my children Down on this killin' floor I should have listened, baby, to my second mind Ohh, I should have listened, baby, to my second mind Every time I go away and leave you, darling You send me the blues way down...
  15. taiyuu_otoko

    What’s the point of setting Boundaries?

    You misunderstand. One sets good boundaries like one write good fiction. Show, don't tell.
  16. taiyuu_otoko

    Article for discussion

    Sucks to be an incel, doesn't it? Welcome to Earth
  17. taiyuu_otoko

    Why alphas are losers

    That is not correct. Many guys have many different ideas and strategies about how to get girls. The only dudes who think violence and aggression is the answer have unresolved anger issues, generally stemming from feelings of entitlement. Also, your thread title is a misappropriation of the...
  18. taiyuu_otoko

    Women deserve so much more

    Deserve's got nothing to do with it.
  19. taiyuu_otoko

    Females approaching males - I've noticed something

    Do whatever you want. Just understand what you're getting into.
  20. taiyuu_otoko

    Females approaching males - I've noticed something

    If you are on the receiving end of this treatment, this means you approached without any clear IOIs. This generally happens around a lot of people where nobody knows anybody. If you are socially proofed, and you have gotten at least a few IOIs, this won't happen. This tends to only happen to...