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    Interesting opener?

    Well, yesterday I was at the gym when I was stretching next to this HB9.5 who was doing situps had one of those huge inflatable balls roll away towards me. She stopped it quickly, turned around, smiles, and went back to exercising. Yeah, I didn't ask her out. :down: Huh, i'm sorry fellow...
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    This is the first time i've ever gotten.... AIM sn instead of a phone number, so I have a quick question: Is this future AIM convo going to be in lieu of an actual phone call? As in, will it be under about three minutes and soley for the purpose of scheduling a date? Thanks. New to this forum, by the way.... usually i'm in...
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    Collar question

    I'm working on my style, and I'm just wondering how you guys feel about the collar's "position".
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    Superbowl XXXIX

    Patriots or Eagles?
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    Critique My Appearance

    I find it odd that I look differently in pictures than I do in the mirror. I took these pictures today and, thanks to, I uploaded these onto a host website. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys think I can do to improve my looks, and if need be, I'll get more pics. I look...
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    Armpit hair?

    Is it a sign or your manhood or just another annoyance?
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    Image hosting websites?

    I have many picture I want to upload, but (so far) for the places I've found, most have a limit around 1 MB. Unfortunately, I have pictures slightly about this limit, 1.15 MB to be exact. Does anyone know a good photo hosting site?
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    School dances.....

    Well, I'm pretty sure every school has had its school dance already. Anyone feel like swapping stories? Our school's Winter Formal was last night, so in the afternoon, I stopped by SoSuave, did a search, and read up about dancing. Amazingly, I learned a lot from just a few posts: move your...
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    I can't delete my post

    After going to edit, clicking the box, and clicking "Delete", SoSuave tells me I do not have access to this page. I can edit the text and everything else.... I just can't delete my post. Is there something I'm not doing correctly?
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    Vein popping

    What causes the veins to "pop" when working out? Is there anything I can do to stop it from occuring? It doesn't hurt or anything like that, but it feels weird as hell.
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    He's a Rebel

    I was listening to the Oldies station this afternoon when they played "He's a Rebel" by the Crystals. Boy, how accurately does this song pinpoint the true essence of what it means to be a DJ? See the way he walks down the street Watch the way he shuffles his feet My, he holds his head up...
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    Interesting little section here....

    Why does this section exist if it isn't on the main discussion forum page? EDIT: Which leaves me to my next question...... How many more of these does SoSuave have?
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    When's the best time to weigh yourself?

    Right now I'm in the process of bulking up, working out, etc.... I want a really accurate chart of my increasing mass, but I'm unsure as to when I should make that measurement. Should I do it before a shower or after a shower? Before a workout or after a workout? Thanks.
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    It's like a game of chess

    I never realized how similar chess and macking are until recently. As I was thinking of the steps to lead to the big finish (a number, rapport, or a successful date), I thought to myself, "man, this is like a elaborate game of chess." Sure enough, it was.... The Opening There are hundreds...
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    Political stuff....

    I wouldn't want people getting pissed off at others, but would discussing the situation in Iraq be that political? I mean, there's a freakin' war going on over there. I would like to have an opportunity to talk about it (without having the thread closed)....even if it means creating another...
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    Gaining Weight

    I have been told that weightlifting will reduce one's weight. Is this true and, if so, does this mean that I shouldn't lift weights while trying to increase my mass?
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    PM box limit

    What is the PM box limit and is there anyway can increase it? Just curious.
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    Unattractive interested girls?

    Well, now that I'm a DJ in training, I'm beginning to pick up more signals from the ladies. Unfortunately, more than half of these women are not really attractive (to put it nicely), and I wouldn't consider going out with them. I guess my current policy towards these girls is to pretend to be...
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    Where is she?

    Well, I committed myself to ask out this hot girl in my class that I've been checking out for about three years now. Yeah, it's a long time, but then again, I've been in my AFC shell for most of my life. Anyway, I decided to do it last Wednesday or something after I thought of the idea...
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    My best friend

    I've known this guy since 3rd grade (right now we're in 12th). Ever since I visited this site (not posting), which was maybe a year ago, I've realized more and more that he is a true example of an AFC. In fact, he may be worse than an AFC; all the girls that are his friends are (sorry to say...