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    Asian DJs, represent!

    yes jake you are right i respect you for bringing that **** out, I for one believe if a black guy can act half way civil (believe me doing that is hard for some) he can attract women much easier than any other minorities... Media portrays it to a tee that black guys are finally fun guys to be...
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    suicide replies

    well my last post was about suicide. I'm sorry to say I did the right thing. People in this country dont know how good they have it. 5% ****en worlds richest ...... Suicide is for weak individuals.. I thought about it but i handled the situation and it made me stronger. So if you want to...
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    i had a friend that wanted to kill himself so i told him to take my glock 45 and shoot himself... he didn't because hes a ***** and wasn't even man enough to kill himself. hes no longer my friend. hes an attention *****...
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    girls touching

    i have a question? what does it mean when a girl touches you? I mean in the sense as were at work not a bar scene and a girl pats you on the shoulder,girls supposedly bumping into you while your sitting down .. its a classroom setting by the way training room. Girls basically walking past you...
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    Ding a Ling Peekers......

    your **** is the size of my pinkie... your a turd
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    Is the Don Juan bible imcomplete?

    well ive been reading on this site for a few months before i registered on here. I totally agree with you. Theres not enough posts on here about guy talk, sports,school,work, other things than girls. Some of the posts are just so trivial but i guess to each their own. I know when im on here I...
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    wholesome girls

    Hang your glory on the wall Socom because they're sending in the Marines !!!
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    its not a measure of a man.......... what is the measure of a man muscle heads... self control is and doing things that make you happy is.... that is the measure of a man is not testesterone. if you want to lift wieghts solely for you than fine testesterone is not a measure of anything...
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    wholesome girls

    Well it depends on the individual. Don Juaning is not about how many hot girls you can lay its about having that power but using it wisely.. As for attraction I am only human and I am physically attracted to goodlooking girls no matter who they are,but that is as far as it goes. I will use self...
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    wholesome girls

    it seems everyday on campus the rare beautiful girls are the wholesome girls. the ones who don't fret about wearing makeup or if their hair isn't perfect. The ones that aren't trendy or trying to hard to look good for the male. You go up to one show a huge sincere smile and theyll be totally...
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    Blonde-haired women

    As a asian, more pacific islander than anything. but my story goes through my personal experience Ive noticed natural blonde chicks are drawn to me a lot more than any other chicks. I mean they are aggressive and crap in pursueing me at school at the bar...unbelievable but I get a laugh out of it.
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    Sucks to club alone....

    games not over yet, those are techniques . you have to grab the underlying principles to your existence. and that is what you make of it. and it will show through with the ladies. so before you go back to the club...make sure your there to have fun not pick up a chick. and what i like to do is...
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    Testosterone is nothing compared to self control, there are quite a few freakazoids,rapists that are in jail and our champion boxer Mike Tyson who have high levels of testerone,and I dare say testosterone is not the key to being a man by the examples of what these men are . Dangers to society! I...