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    Never married no kids women

    meh if that really makes then that annoyed, then he should just tell he is divorced or something, funny is I kinda can see that happening to me, i'm sure don't want to settle, dating around when I feel like and being single is what I like the most
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    Fat women everywhere!

    go younger? serious if you have looks, fit and money you could pull a lot younger woman
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    HB7 Match chick posted on FB flowers from another guy. Another loss for me.

    serious I need to ask anyone else is thinking he is trolling hard, I normally answer serious even trolls so people could learn if anyone did read said posts, but this one is making it hard to do so,
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    Working on new girl

    you don't, you stop and move on, one of 2, or she want you as a orbiter, or didn't want to shut down you and are hoping you take the hint stop listening what woman say and act based on what they do, kids these days act like woman, they listen and belive what is said, ignore what is said and...
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    Damage of a man from a mentally ill woman

    more like one rotting in the ground
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    When your male friends act like chicks

    and as the male of such relationship you started to state a day and place for the drinkings start. happens a lot when you are also the only single guy of the group, I normally just toss to then, since most would be in the same group on whatapp and facebook, "so lets drink wed same place last...
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    Why do sorority girls (or ones that have been in sororities) bitchier than 'normal' girls?

    all come downs to crownd mentality, most are entitled so they will be too and that happen over the years older girls "teaching" the freshmens. best of all is ignore, and if I girl tells you she was one of then count that as a red flag, most girls will say this as a badge of honor, consider that...
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    The price of feminism

    well, its kinda one of these articles who kinda point some good arguments on the whole, its rare, but they do happen btw all religions are, tools for mass control, today they use tv more though
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    The price of feminism

    and funny catholic church did use these pagan thing to his religion to keep people in check, figuring it was eaier for then make then follow the rules if they had some days to vent it all
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    Listen/read "THE BOOK OF POOK" ASAP if you haven't

    reading is always better... btw its kinda of basic here, had a time every first poster was told read the books then ask again, we need to start doing this again?
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    Yup. Dating still sucks

    he said he is not willing to put up with crap, no not wanting sex sometimes having a time when you don't waste time with dating is a good way to get your mind in peace and getting ready to try again, as long you are alive and going out you will find a girl you will like and the thing will start...
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    Boundaries and women with guy friends, what's the deal?

    just ask her if she would like you going out with your other girlfriends to bars and such, chances are she will not like, or better yet, don't waste time with girls who do this, they know very well its not nice or ok doing so, and if you need to explain the basic of expected in a LTR better...
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    My GF asked what love means to me

    why the hell every time someone ask what love means I remember what that HK 47 from star wars knight of old republic answers? btw I wouldn't never take such question serious, and would make her give the answers for it
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    Could a girl you already smashed tell you that she thinks you're attractive, but also says she's emotionally unavailable due to her ex be lying?

    yes its not equal and sometimes we favor some more, but again self respect is a requirement to expect respect from others, if he did respect himself he wouldn't waste more time, don't matter how much he would fancy her more then others, he would cut and let it heal, matter little if he can...
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    Could a girl you already smashed tell you that she thinks you're attractive, but also says she's emotionally unavailable due to her ex be lying?

    nothing like being second option for a girl huh? if the dude she want fail to stay with her there you are waiting so she won't be alone self respect is a requirement to want respect from others you know, try this first then you can come back btw stop lying about you ahve options, if you had...
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    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    you lack to understand, the point of origin, of such, woman need to ahve security in a way men are used to provide, and also validation. and even like you did mention marriage don't bind the guy, you are damned on a divorce, depending on your area if she works or not menas nothing you will still...
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    A self deprecating girl

    i'm the only one who would say, "is that so? then I think I can have your help with a mess in my bed?
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    How to get a programming/developer job without a degree

    syntax was always important, remember the idea was always to you do the thinking and the machine the work, and a computer what ahve of smart there is of dumb, you need to put everything in a way its easy for him to understand. all in all there is a lot of languages some are harder then just...
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    Friendzoned me after we already banged, saying she doesn't want to get emotionally attached to me because her ex is in her life

    was you that bad on bed? I would just say "who said anything about feelings?"
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    After I quit my therapy

    meh here is the thing you are guilty of the things you do, they being good or bad you are guilty of it, what you need to do is take it as something you need to do, its your life its you who have to have a hold on it, not other people, be your own, if you work hard and make millions you are...