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  1. Tilex

    Proximity IOI - Is it conscious or subconscious?

    When a chick positions herself within your proximity, what percentage of it is on a conscious level? Or is it more subconscious where her body is responding to something or someone she's attracted to? I was at the airport not too long ago departing on a morning flight around 6am, and usually...
  2. Tilex

    What Are Some Signs of Narcissistic Behavior?

    It's been a while since I've seen signs of narcissistic behavior in person, but when I lived in DC and Miami I used to see it daily nonstop. What are some signs of a narcissist that you've noticed? One sign I can clearly remember off the top of my head is extremely selfish and inconsiderate of...
  3. Tilex

    Social Circle Game - Opening Group Sets

    Social circle game is by far one of the easiest ways to hook up with or meet women in public. The dynamic about approaching groups works more in your favor if you're opening an all female group. Mixed groups (males + females) can work well too, but be wary you aren't stepping over the wrong...
  4. Tilex

    How Hollywood Taught us Frame in an Overlooked Gem

    This scene is from Dawn of the Dead. Pay attention to a character named CJ. You'll know who it is when you see him. I was blue pilled when I saw this film in theaters, but admired how well he handled himself in that situation. And before anyone says: "but.....but.....Hollywood films aren't...
  5. Tilex

    Has Anyone Ever Done This Before?

    Instead of sitting at the bar, sometimes I'll switch it up and sit in a booth to have more room while dining. So let's say this is a casual dining restaurant, cafeteria, or coffee shop, and you see an attractive female looking for a seat, have you ever said: "Why don't you come sit by me?" or...
  6. Tilex

    Conflicting Information about Field Reports

    I'm trying to figure out the real truth about the current dating market. Right now I'm seeing contradictory information on different boards about the type of women on the market getting hit on the most. Some people are reporting that the hottest women are getting hit on the most, and the...
  7. Tilex

    3 Dogs on a Saturday Night

    I saw something downtown a few weeks ago that looked a bit off to me. Maybe you can analyze this scenario. It was Saturday night about 8pm, the bars were starting to get packed and there were lots of young people everywhere. I saw this blonde haired chick with a few tattoos on both of her...
  8. Tilex

    Phases of the Red Pill

    I believe red pill awakening doesn't just stop at stage one. I believe it has 3 phases: {First Phase} Disney movies are not reality and everything you were taught about women growing up were wrong. This is the most common phase currently talked about online. {Second Phase} You have to take...
  9. Tilex

    Have You Ever Come Across Females in Public that Do This?

    - Girl is standing on the sidewalk waiting for a cab, but her head is down typing away on her phone. You say something to her or ask her a question but she never looks up. Her eyes are literally glued to her phone. - Girl at the bar with her head facing down chatting away on her phone. You ask...
  10. Tilex

    How to get out of my head and back into my body?

    Okay this happened to me two times last week. Incident #1 I'm at the bar during happy hour, but it's completely dead. I'm only chatting with the bartender who thinks I would like margarita variant #3 instead of variant #5. As silly as this sounds, I'm calculating which variant has more liquor...
  11. Tilex

    Testing myself in Las Vegas - Need tips/advice

    I'm planning a solo trip to Las Vegas and want to test myself with new tactics. I'm aware that vacation game is completely different than hometown game, so I'll need pointers. And before anyone says: "Go to the pool parties"..... I'm not a morning person to wake in time for those limited pool...
  12. Tilex

    What happens to average looking chicks when they get older?

    I'm talking about plain jane no makeup wearing types, and very conservative looking hair styles. If their mindset is not putting any effort into their looks while in their 20's, what happens when they get to their 40's? Do they go from Average looking to straight up Fugly Beasts?
  13. Tilex

    Agree or Disagree? Power Imbalances in Relationships

    In the initial stages of dating, both sexes are testing/qualifying each other to determine their role in the relationship dynamics. Your time is valuable as a man. Her pu$$y is valuable as a women. Giving her too much of your time and money creates a power imbalance. She has power over you...
  14. Tilex

    Is Gordon Ramsay a good example of dominant frame?

    On his show Kitchen Nightmares, he goes into restaurants going downhill and gives them a strong reality check and revamps their system to improve business. The way I see this show is how he's entering in an already established frame created by the restaurant owners and inserting his own frame...
  15. Tilex

    Conversational Cyanide - The question that has no definitive answer

    I was browsing through an old photo album I had used online during the days of myspace and I recalled an email exchange that zapped me in an unusually dull way. I initially commented on one of her photos to get the dialog started and then she sent me an email thanking me. I inquired about what...
  16. Tilex

    Can Women Detect Attraction?

    I have an attraction quirk where I'll size up a woman from the calves up. If her calves are too bony or too fat cankled, I'll immediately get turned off before I even look at the face. I've been reflecting on a pattern lately that seems to be repeating over the years. If I see a women with nice...
  17. Tilex

    The dreaded question of "What do you do?"

    This question in my mind allows women to put you inside a box and label you. If you're a man of many talents and skills, being labeled into one category is extremely insulting. Even if you have a high paying job, you're still being judged by how boring your job is and theoretically being...
  18. Tilex

    How strong is the sexual compatibility in this situation?

    Dined in at a Tex-Mex restaurant last night and sat at a table top near the main bar drinking margaritas and watching the NHL playoffs. The bar area was practically dead, but I didn't care. I'm trying to be out in public and in the presence of people while watching one my favorite sports. I see...
  19. Tilex

    Help me understand frame better

    Is frame more of a state of mind or is it a state of power? From my understanding it seems like a state of power. For example if you ask a girl out and she says yes she's in your frame, but when she asks you out and you say yes, you're in her frame. Is this how frame works?