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  1. Von

    Former Adult Film Star Jenni Lee Found Living In Las Vegas Tunnel

    I had a friend who dated a stripper, she was 20... the drama! She was also working in a jail and doing stuff for the underground. For a while I thought I could have been a child who was "molested" due to my insecurity, refusal of touch, rejecting all the support and lift from friends and family...
  2. Von

    It Finally Sunk in....Marriage

    Women always complain about what they have,and then want more. The only way to make women happy is to instaure her boderies, which make her FEEL she is at the top of her chances. Be good about it
  3. Von

    Sex duration improvements

    Hey guys,in a LTR or ONS. I have issues of "duration" and "consistency" . Kissing also makes me "wet" down there. How can I improve my skills in bed? How can I increase duration in bed? How can I stop pre-ejaculation? Thanks
  4. Von

    Have any of you found a diamond in the rough?

    Yeah, married her. Now, fighting to keep my redpill up! (Stay. The same guy she meet) Will let you know in 12month!
  5. Von

    Purchasing high status car to help attract women?

    Dave Chapelle said it the best: "the car is the bait"
  6. Von

    007 is now a Black Woman.

    Actually James bond 007 took over the previous 007.(Casino Royal) The numbers change of names that's it
  7. Von

    Should we Redpillers help BlackPillers

    You ressemble the people you surround yourself with. If you associate with black pill even as a redpill.. You'll be a Black pill. Red Pill goes with Red
  8. Von

    Mikhaila Peterson

    She posted pictures of her in her underwear after gaining back her original pre-kid body. She's fit Her husband is Russian mafia
  9. Von

    Acquaintance's girlfriend banned me from their wedding

    Probably cause she would have sex with you, if the opportunity emerge. Like post above, she's a controlling one, so she wants to control her BF and that includes his friends. She will remove every friends of the guy that doesn't fit in her frame or she can't control. I've known guys who are...
  10. Von

    Field report - Greatness and Success

    Field Reports are for getting laid.. You bragging about a fun night with hooking up. Glad you back in the game, write field reports when you get laid
  11. Von

    Optimizing Tinder while visiting city

    Option 2. Btw, you'll likely be the only black in the room or entire city... use this golden opportunity
  12. Von

    Talked politics with a girl...

    Never speak politics or religion, you bound to create drama. Also, we live in an age where young persons especially woman are raised to be "always right".. See it has my way or the highway. So it drives them crazy that someone wouldn't be " 100% submitted to their imperative". Note: a woman...
  13. Von

    What would be your advice to a man that got rejected by women 80,000 times?

    80 000 approaches. If you consider the number game rule, you score: 1 of 10 It means he got 8 000 lays in over 8 years. It's 1 000 lays in 365 days its 2.73 women a day. So he had time to bang 2 women a day for 8 years. See that's what 80 000 approaches tell me. Oh if he failed to find his...
  14. Von

    Do "swinger's parties" have a dearth of attractive men?

    I've always been curious myself of these clubs and been wondering to go by myself to check them out but the price was a quite a deterant (cost a lot for single guys) and the reviews are not always positive (too many guys for no girl etc..) I've heard about celebrities and politicians going to...
  15. Von

    What your purpose should be as a man with high SMV

    You need to be selfish but respectful.. : Assertive You need to be truth to yourself (what you are, what your weakness, what your strength, what you like and want) : Honest... Find positive and well intention people to guide/mentor you: remove the complaints Acknowledge that the grass ain't...
  16. Von

    Your Uncle Atom is Engaged

    I will put my 2cent, living Atom experience. Not going to take the spotlight. I've come across that the Christians who follow a Christian faith upbringing. In my case: Catholics. Women are raised with the "traditional" view. Women are raised within Y box (supporting the men need/taking care...
  17. Von

    Location seems to be a critical factor rarely acknowleged here

    In my experience: Rural and Small town/cities girls are easy... And they all want to end up in the cities.... For them you are fresh meat and a ticket out to the city (you might be totally awesome too). The girls in the city are in infinite supplies, the numbers are in your favor but it's also...
  18. Von

    Game of Thrones

    Good clôtures for certains characters. I liked the finale, but it wasnt what i expected as "séries final" . Technically, the épisode 5 should have been the "final" .. This one felt like a filler
  19. Von

    Women who listen to cartoons

    What you guys think of Women (30+) who still watch cartoons, kids movies, anime, children movies, etc...
  20. Von

    More and more dudes having unprotected sex

    Than they get pregnant, and tell you it's "none of your business". People not using condoms are stupids, they take a risk especially if it's with a ONS,Plate,date... No seriousLTR. Women arent better if they dont ask protection, its incredible how Abortion is used as contraceptive. it's the...